Best Tablets for Kids for Learning and Play in 2014

Top 5 Tablets for Children When you have kids, you know how they can get all grabby with your touchscreen devices. While you don’t mind them playing a game or two, there is a time limit for them if you need mejor tablet del mercado that tablet to read or check something, and you may not feel comfortable with them roaming around your content without any monitoring and parental controls. Some good tablets do allow you to create different user profiles and have good parental controls, but there are some really smart kids out there that can probably figure out a way to bypass just about anything.

This is where tablets for kids come in. As it is, it is not practical to share a device with your children anyway, and it is best if they had their own tablet which they can use to actually learn something and play games and run apps that are suitable for libro electronico kindle their age. There are many manufacturers who are aware of this need and produce excellent tablets for children that are packed with useful educational apps and games, cool content kids will adore, and that are designed to appeal to every child.

They are made to be more durable, and usually have rubber masks or bumpers that will protect the device in case it is dropped, hit or trampled on. Basically, these tablets can take more than the average tablet computer when it comes to any kind of damage, and emerge unscathed. When it comes to size, tablets for kids are usually designed so that their screens are smaller, as a regular tablet of, let’s say 8 to 10 inches is just too much for an average kid.

However, the rubber masks and bumpers do make these children’s tablets look bigger, and because of all of the colors and kid-friendly designs of these devices, you kids will definitely find them cool. Most of these devices have good resolution and decent performances, as kids are smart and can’t be fooled that easily. Kid’s tablets are a good solution to stop your children from touching your delicate and fragile devices, and to protect them from going online unmonitored or browsing through your important content.

They make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts, or even good rewards for nice behavior. Below we talk in detail about 5 really good tablets for children that are definitely better suited for your kids than your own tablets. VTech InnoTab 2 VTECH InnoTab 2 learning app tablet offers a lot for fun and learning experience for your child. The size of the screen is 5” and it enables multitouch. Some of the features include built-in digital photo/video camera that enables your child to take pictures and videos of itself and others.

The camera also fully rotates, which enables a 360 view. This tablet also has the tilt sensor which enables your child to enjoy landscape or vertical view of the books and applications. Integrated apps include photo viewer, video and music player, e-reader, art studio, video games and microphone.

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Lithium Ion Battery in Smartphones and Tablets to be Replaced by Photovoltaic Film Graphene Oxide.

Lithium Ion Battery Blues! If Gordon Moore’s Law was anything to go by, the extraordinary technological advances in smartphones and other mobile gadgets have proved absolute game changers: Except for the one big hindrance – lithium battery! Whereas micro chip technology is galloping exponentially, development in the field of battery has for long remained stagnant: Or maybe not! Only until recently, the de-facto standard lithium ion battery was undergoing what looked like an endgame!

And going by additional innovations at 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, smartphones and tablets were boasting even greater speeds, sharp display power hungry apps, thus making the lithium ion battery look like a mockery of the decade. Only several years ago, phone batteries lasted weeks, and charging was never a constant pain. With smart gadgets ruling the world today, contemporary lithium ion batteries can hardly stretch beyond twelve hours of constant use.

Added features and continued user dependence on gadgets are contributing factors to the predicament of lithium ion. Owing to popular productivity and entertainment apps, both offline and online, business and home users now spend longer hours on their smartphones and tablets. With reduced battery capabilities, gadget owners find themselves at a loss, and having to exercise discipline in order to match-up the inadequacy.As a result, battery optimization practices based on manufacture and user power saving guidelines has become a behavioral pattern.

This means that gadget owners have to contend with stressful power saving routines in order to remain connected. Users now have to carry along spare batteries, keep spare battery charger and use power intensive apps sparingly. Enhanced internet speeds like 3G and 4G have to be turned off when not in use, GPS services and apps have to be switched off, and listening\watching to\of mp3\video files is kept at a minimal. Now, this beats the very purpose of modern smartphones and tablets!

Future Of Smartphone And la mejor tablet Tablet Batteries Can we therefore believe that the best in lithium ion battery technology has been optimized and that nothing more can be sucked out of this raw material? Not really. Attempts are being made to enhance the lithium ion battery as is, and make it evolutionary. A number of optimistic ‘innovations’ aim to either supplement or totally revamp energy storage in mobile gadgets.

I will mention two below.1 Photovoltaic Thin Film Photovoltaic thin film makes use of light to charge a mobile gadget and therefore the lithium battery. This innovation was brought to world attention during the January 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The technology uses a specialized transparent and almost un-noticeable film that is attached to a smartphone or tablet screen. This film attracts light rays and should enable the connected battery to start charging.

The creation of this transparent film is the invention of a French company called WYSIPS (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface). The slight disadvantage with this charging is that it will not be as quick and efficient when done in-doors, but will be slightly faster when done out-doors.

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How Owning an Amazon Kindle Made Me Smarter and Changed My Life

Why I Resisted Buying A Kindle When the Amazon Kindle first went on sale in 2007, I thought it was just another expensive electronic gadget. That first generation Kindle sold for close to $400;a big ” ouch” as far as I was concerned and not worth the money. Also, I told myself, I preferred real books to any electronic reader and though I was a frequent buyer on Amazon and saw all the ads and info about Kindle on the site whenever I was there, I was just not interested.

Even though I had never touched or even seen a real life Kindle,I knew that it could not possibly replicate the feel of a real book, with that indefinable ink and paper smell and the comfortably repetitive motion of turning pages one by one. My books were my friends. To abandon them for an impersonal, cold hard machine like the Kindle was unthinkable. I was not ever going to buy a Kindle– not me. I was like some old geezer in a horse and buggy, shaking a comprar ebook reader fist as a ModelT Ford went by and yelling “get a horse” None of those new-fangled gadgets for me.

No sir-eeeeeOpening Up To Kindle One day I sat next to a woman on the train who was reading from a Kindle. I was really curious. I craned my neck and peered over at it. I asked her how she liked it. She brimmed with enthusiasm and went on and on about how many books she could store on the device, how she could change the size of the font, downloading her daily newspaper onto it etc. etc. I said , rather smugly, that I preferred the look and feel of a real book and that I would never read the New York Times online.

What this woman said next totally rocked my world. She said: ” Owning a Kindle doesn’t mean you have to give up books. It’s not an either/or thing” The concept absolutely blew me away. Buying a Kindle did not mean I had to give up books. The Kindle was just another way of receiving and processing the written word: an addition rather than a substitution. Duh! Why hadn’t I thought of that and , more importantly, why I was so resistant to the idea of reading electronically?

What was it about electronic readers that threatened me so much? I thought back to the days of my childhood, when TV was just coming in. There was lots of talk back then about how TV was going to ruin the minds and destroy the bodies of the younger generation. TV was the enemy. It was going to do everything from annihilating radio and Hollywood to promoting tooth decay. TV was going to be the downfall of Western Civilization, which is hard to imagine considering that there were only three, grainy black and white channels back then, and they only broadcasted for twelve hours a day.

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Ten of the Best Free Games for Your Kindle Fire

Though most folks buy Kindles for their e-book capabilities, the Kindle Fire is a whole different animal. It’s a tablet that can connect to the internet and, as with any device of this type, there are about a million “apps” for it. I have the essentials: eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter… but there are a ton of games available for the Kindle Fire, too. Angry Birds is here, as is Jeopardy, Minecraft and Plants vs Zombies, but these are all paid games and some of us don’t have tons of extra bucks to spend on these.

So we head to the “free” bin! Fortunately Amazon has quite a few free games that are fun and entertaining. Free, however, is a somewhat subjective term – be aware that some of these games are ad supported (see the screenshot for WordSearch Unlimited Free) and some allow you to play for free, but you’ll need to shell out real money to get the coolest stuff for your game. I’ve gotten quite a few of them and what follows is my list of ten cool free Kindle Fire games.

To download these for your Kindle Fire, just go to Games, then Store and search for the titles. Once you find them, just follow the instructions on your Kindle Fire. Side note: It took me a while to get the hang of taking screenshots with my Kindle Fire HD. To do this, you’ll need to press the volume up and power buttons at the same time. It takes some work to get it right without getting the volume control in the image.Song Pop for Kindle Fire Song Pop, a game by Freshplanet, Inc.

, has been out for a while, but I missed the original boat because we had satellite internet where I lived and that made playing this game impossible. Thanks to DSL, now I have a chance to show off the depths of my musical knowledge. Or not. This game gives you a short clip of a song and you have to correctly guess either the title or the artist before your opponent does. I have two issues with this game: 1. comprar tablet barata y buena Sometimes the clips are not from the most recognizable part of the song and 2.

My brain might know the song, but my finger taps the wrong answer! Song Pop has tons of songs and, whenever you complete a challenge (win or lose) you get coins that allow you to purchase more playlists. You can bypass that all together and pony up cash for coins, but they go fast so be careful! I have my eyes on that disco playlist! Song Pop is available on pretty much every platform – iOS, Android, Google Play and even Facebook.

What’s even more awesome is that you can start a game on your Kindle Fire and finish it on Facebook or any of the other operating systems! Though Song Pop is free, the paid version allows players access to larger libraries and lets them have more challenges running at the same time. For $1.99, I think it’s worth it.Pou for Kindle Fire Pou, from PS Games, is a simple but fun game that kind of reminds me of the Tamagotchi.

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The Best and Most Interesting Kindle Cover Designs

If you have a Kindle, you are probably interested in protecting it. There are plenty of covers, jackets and sleeves on the market but the thing about Kindle covers is that they all look pretty similar. They are great for traditionalists who just want to protect their e-readers, but if you like functional accessories that stand out, you might want to check out these creative series.The New Yorker is a line of classy and stylish Kindle jackets by M-Edge, based on famous covers from The New Yorker magazine.

They are designed in bright and vivid colors and feature Bob Knoxs cover Sunday Afternoon in Central Park; Eric Drookers Bookopolis; George Booths Dog Behind the Door; Ana Juan’s Page Turner; and Joseph Farris’s Dogwood Tree in Bloom. The slim and ultra-lightweight exterior of the covers is made from very high quality synthetic leather and the interior is microfiber suede, again of a high quality.

The beautiful images are printed onto the front covers using a photo sublimation process, which makes them look like printed fabric. These trendy jackets also feature Kindle-compatible hinge system, in addition to a two point mounting system with elastic straps, which holds the Kindle securely in place. The New Yorker line of Kindle covers is perfect for not only fans of the magazine, but also for anyone looking for something more interesting than a plain leather cover for their Kindle.

Designed to fit 3rd generation (6-inch) Kindle. It does not fit the 2nd generation Kindle.Another elegant, New York-themed line of Kindle covers is Versos New York Times. The exclusive series features pictures from the archives of the New York Times that perfectly capture the essence of New York City. The designs include photos of the Statue of Liberty with the World Trade Center from 1983; the Flatiron Building around 1917; and a view from River House (1931).

Each Kindle cover has a tough inner shell and a suede-like interior. They also have a convenient interior pocket for holding tickets, cards or documents, which makes these covers perfect for travelers and commuters. The system that secures the Kindle in place is a standard four-point elastic band configuration. Designed to fit 3rd generation (6-inch) Kindle. It does not fit the 2nd generation Kindle.The Artist Series by LightWedge is a unique collection of protective Kindle covers embossed with designs from different artists.

The three designs currently available are: Urban Calligraphy by Sisters Gulassa; Typewriter by Molly Rausch; and Cities by Sharyn Sowell, but more designs are expected to be released in the future. The soft, faux leather covers are embossed with either graffiti art, names of cities around the world, or typewriter images that give them a classy, vintage feel. Each one of the designs is available in two different colors and is sure to give your e-reader a lot of character.

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A Guide to the Kindle Fire for the Technologically Challenged

So You’ve Bought a Kindle Fire… You’ve gotten tired of hearing everyone brag about their awesome technology. Your friend at work just about an iPad. Another co-worker just bought the new iPhone. Even your mother is texting more than you. Meanwhile, you are sitting there watching movies on your VCR and wondering how it all slipped by you. It’s just not fair! How come everyone else has cool stuff and you don’t? Well, the time has come to step it up.

The time has come to buy a new Kindle Fire from Amazon! If you don’t have any type of tablet computer, the Kindle Fire is a great way to start. Right now, a Kindle Fire is only $199 on Amazon. It’s major competitor, the Nook tablet, has also gone down in price to $199.99 at Barnes & Noble. The two are similar except the Kindle Fire offers more apps and more books. In my opinion, it is the better deal.

However, if you shop at Barnes & Noble more than Amazon, you might want to consider the Nook instead. If you are a big Amazon shopper, the Kindle Fire is going to be more for you. Basically, anything you will put on the Kindle Fire will be downloaded from the Amazon “cloud” so it is in your best interest to go with whichever retailer you trust and use the most. If you are reading this, I am assuming you are either seriously considering getting a Kindle Fire, or you just got one and you are sitting there looking at it perplexed.

I understand how you feel. If you are not a huge technology freak and this is your first tablet, it is exciting and overwhelming. Let’s take some time to go through the basics.Important Kindle Fire Basics When your Kindle Fire arrives from Amazon, it is going to show up in “frustration free” packaging. It is probably one of the easiest boxes to open. The Kindle Fire is snug in the box, but without any annoying tape, bubble wrap, or anything else that might slow you down.

Now, take this moment to appreciate that. Getting it out the box was pretty much the easy part. There will be simple directions with the Kindle Fire. It explains how the headphone jack, the power adapter, and the power button are all on the bottom. Take the power cord and plug it into the Kindle Fire; of course, plug the other side into the wall outlet. These are the instructions Amazon gives you. The rest you will find online. Since this is a tablet that is also an eReader, I suppose it would be against the Kindle morals to put an actual book with directions in the box.

Another thing you might want to note about the Kindle Fire is it does not directly hook to your computer. You can buy a special USB cable from Amazon to connect the Kindle to the computer for file transfers. It never occured to me that this would not come with the Kindle Fire, so I am letting you know that is the case right now. For now, you should probably take a few moments to get to know the Kindle Fire once you turn on the power button while it is charging.

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Listen to Podcasts on Android Phones and Tablets

Have you ever had someone recommend an interesting podcast, only to leave you wondering how to get it on your Android phone or tablet? You might have thought that podcasts were only available through Apple’s iTunes market. You may have flicked through your phone’s preinstalled apps, for anything related to podcasts. Next, you went to the Play store and looked for iTunes. (Don’t bother; it’s not there.) In desperation, you typed podcast into the Play search .

. . and got over 1000 results. The number of Android podcast apps out there is daunting, but listening to podcasts has been so valuable to my personal and professional life that I hate to see anyone miss out on this wealth of information and entertainment just because they got stumped by which app to download, or how to configure it.Step 1: Get the App The top two podcast apps for Android seem to be Stitcher Radio, and BeyondPod.

I like BeyondPod. It’s easy to use, once you understand the basics, and it lets you automatically download content over WiFi which you can play later. (Stitcher streams the podcast content, so if you’re listening to podcasts away from WiFi, you’re using up your monthly data plan.) You can get BeyondPod from the Play store. Just search for “BeyondPod”. If you have a smartphone, the one you want is BeyondPod Podcast Manager. If you have a tablet, you’ll want BeyondPod for Tablets.

Both of these apps are free, but they’re essentially trial versions. You get full features for seven days, then you need to purchase and download the BeyondPod Unlock Key to use some of the best features. As of this writing, the Unlock Key is $6.99, which I think is a great price for such an essential app. Like I said, though, you get seven days to try out the app before you have to decide whether to purchase the Unlock Key.

My goal in the rest of this article is to make sure you get the most out of your trial period.Before We Begin: Terminology Once you’ve downloaded BeyondPod (the phone or tablet version), you need to set it up. (I’m going to use the phone version to demonstrate, but the tablet version operates under the same principles.) Let’s start with some terminology: In BeyondPod, the collection of podcast episodes from a single source is called a feed. A feed is like a radio program or a television show.

Episodes are exactly what you would think they are. An episode is an individual podcast. Most podcasts stick to a particular length, though that’s not required. Some (like 60-Second Science, for example) are about a minute long. Others (like the Survival Podcast) are a couple of hours long. Good podcasters like to release episodes on a regular schedule, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or some other frequency.

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