What are the best tablet computers

As the PC and Laptop market evolves the emergence of the Tablet as a serious competitor has surprised many experts. The best tablet computers are now more powerful than entry level laptops, are far more intuitive than your average PC and connect the user to Web 2.0 in a whole new way. Microsoft, realizing the importance of the tablet notebook, have revolutionized the design of the OS and made Windows 8 tablet-centric.

They have also linked up with Barnes and Noble and have the potential to revolutionize the tablet market or at the very least give Apple a run for their money. The best computer tablets combine sleek designs with innovative technologies and a surfeit of applications to provide the user with all they would need for general and social computing. While the tablet computer is unlikely to surpass the PC or Laptop for several years, it certainly is making computer manufacturers rethink their hardware strategy.

How to choose a tablet. The tablet market is an ever evolving one currently being driven by Apple and Google. Apple have the most user friendly tablet and dominate the market but Google are catching up with their versatile Android operating system (OS). Before you rush out and buy the iPad or Kindle Fire there are a few things that you should consider before running out and buying the “best tablet computer”. Uses – if you only want the tablet for browsing the web or reading books and magazines then you don’t need to spend top dollar to purchase the best tablet, you simply can buy a Kindle Fire or B&N Nook – both have excellent features, are relatively cheap and provide web browsing capabilities.

While the iPad and the other top tablets are amazing pieces of technology, if you’re not going to use the power and all kindle ebook the features why buy them? Hardware – one thing to think about when buying a tablet is the longevity of the hardware. The modern processors such as the Tegra 3 or the Apple A5X are cutting edge and are likely to be around for a while. The cheaper tablets have older chips – so as the technology advances and apps become more powerful older or cheaper tablets will become obsolete.

Buying a tablet that is the best will likely lengthen the life that it is useful. Features – this is an entirely subjective decision. Do you want a camera? Do you want to be able to play back videos or stream from Netflix? Do you want to use productivity software? Do you want millions of apps? Some tablets currently have far more applications and abilities than others, you therefore have to think very carefully about what features are important to you. Display – you will use the tablet every day, so when you buy a tablet computer one of the most important aspects will be the display.

Is it big enough? Is the quality great? Try and compare different tablets – for example, the latest iPad has amazing clarity when compared to other tablets, however there are larger screens out there.

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