Phone Swipe Mobile Processing New Interface Tablet Placement and Updated Terms

NEW PROGRAM for 2014 – PayAnywhere Storefront The Phone Swipe tablet placement program in this article has been replaced by a better program with better terms for merchants who process over $5,000 monthly. It is called PayAnywhere Storefront and you can read about it on my blog. While comprar ebook barato many of the details in this article are still valid, there are updates to the hardware and software, as well as the overall terms of the program. Please visit my blog page for the new terms. The essentials are that the new program includes a 10″ Android tablet in a stand that has a built-in card reader, and a second audio jack card reader is included for another device that can be used either in the same location or out in the field, but is tied into the same account.

This is especially good for merchants who want to be able to track multiple sales stations (and more can be added very easily, as additional card readers cost only $10 with no additional “terminal fees” charged monthly like most mobile solutions require. The software also has a “cloud-based” portal, syncing between devices and the ability to run advanced reports for sales tracking. This gives it most of the POS system functionality small merchants would need without having to shell out thousands of dollars for a full POS system or incur the high monthly fees ($49-$99 per terminal with most tablet solutions such as ShopKeep or Gopago Live, et al.

) associated with POS service. PayAnywhere is a different brand name for Phone Swipe, but both use the same software and both are provided by North American Bancard (NAB). The two brands are slowly going to merge, beginning with the PayAnywhere name on the new tablet placement system. The original article is below:Upgraded Merchant Portal Allows for More Flexibility On May 16th, 2013, a new version of the Phone Swipe mobile processing solution from North American Bancard was released.

This tablet-only app comes as part of a premium solution for merchants who do over $10,000 in monthly card sales. It is not intended to replace the current mobile Phone Swipe “Option B” (also known as “Pay-As-You-Go”) plan in use by many individuals and small businesses that do low-volume sales or only sporadically need to run charges.Benefits of the New Phone Swipe Program Rates The main thing that merchants will notice is that the rates are among the lowest available for mobile solutions.

While the service is being sold with the notion that “all cards are swiped at 1.69%,” it should be noted that this is for the Qualified rate only. While all AMEX cards will now go through at that rate, as will basic Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards, there will be “downgrades” for certain card types. For Visa, MC and Discover business, commercial and rewards cards that are swiped, the “Mid-qualified” rate of 2.

69% will apply. The “Non-qualified” rate of 3.69% (plus a $0.19 per-item fee) will apply to key-entered transactions. Free Tablet That’s right, the program comes with the use of a tablet supplied by North American Bancard. The software is pre-loaded on the tablet, which also comes with a card reader. There is only one tablet placement per account, and merchants can only have one account with this single tablet per location.

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