Birding Apps Best Android and Kindle Fire Apps for Birdwatchers

Thereís an App for that! Dedicated birders are often identified by the paraphernalia that they carry. A birder will have binoculars and his life list, a camera and tripod, and field guide and notebook. How much easier a birderís life would be if he or she didnít have to lug around all that stuff! BUT WAIT! Thereís a birding app for that! If you have an iPad, Smartphone, Kindle Fire or other android device, you can get an inexpensive app that will outshine your current field guide by miles.

How would you like an all-in-one place to look up birds, their habits, habitats, photographs, bird calls and shapes? In the same location, you can update your life list and keep notes. Check out the nifty new electronic field guides made especially for birders and naturalists.An app for birdwatchers No kidding, a birdwatcher who is in step with modern technology can carry many of these necessities electronically in one small device.

With an android phone, a Kindle Fire, and iPad or other compatible device, birdwatchers can carry a library of field guides, their life list and a notebook all in one lightweight piece of technology.Add notes and update your life list As an amateur birdwatcher, my very favorite app is Audubonís Field Guide for Birds that I use on my Kindle Fire. In addition to a comprehensive guide for bird identification, there is the option of keeping notes and updating your life lists. mejor tablet 8 pulgadas

This provides a wonderful place to keep records of your observations and sightings for review later.My favorite field guide app The National Audubon Society Field Guide for Birds How does it work? Browse by Shape – This gives you a selection of basic shapes from which to choose. Match a shape with the shape of the bird you are trying to identify, touch the screen, and a list of all birds with that basic shape will appear. Touch the bird you think it is, and you will get a more detailed listing.

For example, if you choose the shape of “swallow-like birds”, you will get your choice of swallows or swifts. You then touch “swallows” and get a listing of different kinds of swallows.( bank swallows, barn swallows, tree swallows…etc.). If you chose one of these, you get a selection of full color pictures usually including adults, male, female, juvenile, sometimes including pictures of the bird in flight or in the nest.

At the bottom of the screen, you can touch “Range”, Voice, description or similar to get more information or go on to see similar birds.Browse by color, habitat or similar birds The app is easier to use than a paper book as it just takes a touch to flip through similar birds, birds of the same color or birds with the same habitat.

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