7 Cheapest Android Tablet PCs in India

Tablet Wars If you are looking for a cheap Android tablet PC in India, then you might have plenty of choices available currently. However, choosing the right feature-rich tab can be a chore, especially if you are looking for affordable products with specs that suit your browsing, reading or gaming choices. With the emergence of high-quality entry-level Android tablet PCs like the Lenovo IdeaPad, Lava Xtron+ and Karbonn Smart Tab, the Indian tablet war is getting intenser than ever before.

New entrants are targeting the less-than-10000 price bracket and offering exciting features like 3G support, latest Android OS versions, Wi-Fi, and a faster processor with a dedicated GPU. Here are some of the most affordable tablet PCs in India: (To make things a bit easier for readers, I have included a “Tech Specs at a Glance” section at the bottom of this guide. It provides specifications for each tablet mentioned in this hub)1. Lenovo A2107 The Lenovo tablets baratas A2107 is powered by 1 GHz processor and is one of the few best budget tablets with 3G and Wi-Fi support.

On the downside, the A2107 lacks a GPU, which may be disappointing for gamers as the performance of graphic-intensive games will be poorer when compared with budget tablets with a dedicated graphics processing unit. Wi-Fi reception is pretty good, plus the 2G and 3G support makes it a perfect 7-inch portable Internet surfing device. Design-wise, the A2107 is pretty well-built. It doesn’t give that plasticky feel, something which budget tablet PCs are notorious for.

The rubber coating at the back ensures it does not slip off your hands. The 16 GB internal memory is great, given the price of the product. Dual speakers ensure solid stereo sound output. However the display is pretty okay, but then at such a price one really can’t expect the specs of a high-end tablet pc like Nexus 7. All in all, Lenovo A2107 is a good buy for those who are looking for a budget tab with decent specs.2. Lava e-Tab X-Tron+ The e-Tab X-Tron+ is a worthy successor of the Xtron.

It comes with an HDMI port and is powered by Android Jelly Bean OS. With a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, the tablet PC has an average display, but videos are viewable (can’t say for the text, as it can be difficult to view smaller fonts on this tablet pc. E-readers, stay away.) Xtron+ can be a good budget tablet choice for gamers. It comes with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with MALI-400 support. Users will have no problem multitasking as it won’t crash if two of more programs are open at the same time.

Moreover, games like Temple Run, Dead Trigger and Asphalt 7 will run smoothly without any hiccups. It would however be a better idea playing games or reading books indoor, given the reflective screen and poor viewing angle. For the price, which is around 7K INR, the e-Tab X-Tron+ is quite a steal. It boasts everything you would want in a budget tablet PC. The battery is okay and supports 3G (you will need to connect a 3G dongle to surf the Internet).

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