Best Stylus for Tablets 2014

Top 10 Styluses for iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire and Smartphones in General Working on a tablet or fiddling with your smartphone can become really old if you are more of a pen on paper person. Working with a pen just feels different and you will want to transfer that feeling to your iPad, Android tablet, Kindle, iPhone or any other smartphone you have. While Apple has a clear standpoint regarding styluses, that still does not mean that you cannot use a stylus on your iPad and get some cool writing apps that allow you to write on your tablet just like you would if you were writing on a piece of paper.

Of course, you choice of stylus will depend on several factors, such as how comfortable and natural the stylus feels in the hand, its weight, its quality and generally the experiences of people who already own the stylus. With libro electronico kindle that in mind, we have done some considerable research (and bought the perfect stylus) in order to present to you some of the best choices if you need a stylus for your tablets. While some tablets already include a stylus, most of them do not, and smartphones and other touch based devices generally do not include anything but the essentials.

A tablet stylus is not only practical, but a necessity in case you want to draw and write something by hand. Additionally, people with bigger fingers could benefit from owning a good stylus for their touchscreen devices. Some styluses are designed specifically for certain devices, such as styluses for iPad and so on, but there are also many fantastic stylus pens that are universal and will work just as well on any touchscreen device (or even better).

We have chosen some really cool and functional stylus pens for tablets, some of which are very good and dirt cheap. Below you will see what we are talking about.AmazonBasics Stylus The Amazon Basics stylus for tablets is a perfect universal stylus that will work on any touchscreen device you have, whether it is an iPad, Kindle, Android tablet, iPhone or any other smartphone. Basically, it works on just about everything. The main thing is that it’s really well built and you will be able to feel the quality, so any other generic stylus, when placed next to the Amazon stylus, simply fades in comparison.

It has a soft nib that will not damage your screen, and you can buy this stylus in many different colors. There is even a cool stylus with a real pen on the other side, and a bundle of three styluses that will cost you less money than you would pay if you bought three Amazon styluses individually.Just-Mobile AluPen The Just Mobile Alu Pen is a really cool, high quality stylus for any tablet. It is a bit more expensive than the average stylus, but it is definitely worth the buy.

The best part about this stylus is that it feels so natural in your hand that you will feel like you are actually holding a real pen. Another thing you will feel when you place it in your hand is its high quality build – ebook barato and this stylus in made out of high quality aluminum. It is a universal stylus, so you will be able to use it on any touchscreen device, including all iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and all smartphones you can think of.

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