Tablet Computers Android vs Apple iOS

Tablet computers are the latest craze among techies and computer lovers. Everyday, it seems like a new tablet computer gets introduced to the marketplace. After a couple of years on the market, the dividing lines have been drawn and the battle is down to two types of tablets. You can either get an Android-based tablet, or the market leading Apple iPad tablet based on Apple’s ios operating system. So which of these options is best and why? I’ve been fortunate enough to use both types of tablets and in my personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with either one.

Both provide application stores with any type of application you could possibly want. You have many different options if you select an Android based tablet as many device OEM’s are building Android-based tablets (Motorola, HP, Samsung, HTC, AsusTek, and the list goes on and on. On the other hand, Apple is the only vendor making Apple IOS-based tablets and those tablets are the line of iPads. The iPad revolutionized the concept of tablet computing and really took the industry by surprise.

Sure, vendors tried tablet computers in the past. Years ago, comprar libro electronico Microsoft had their tablet OS which several vendors delivered on their own versions of tablet computers. Those tablets never really caught on. Once Apple announced the initial iPad, the sleek devices really caught on. Their first-to-market strategy with their tablet computer really gave them a huge lead on the competition in terms of marketshare, which comprar una tablet por internet to this day, they still dominate in terms of marketshare. After the second quarter of 2012, Apple had 68.

2 percent of the tablet market according to reports from IDC. Samsung had the second spot with 9.6% marketshare followed in third place by Amazon with their Kindle Fire with a 5% share. The tablets from Samsung and Amazon are obviously Android-based.So, Apple or Android? From my personal experiences with both tablets, I have to say that the Apple iPad wins this battle hands down. Apple has done such a good job in their design and the features of their OS, that it’s easy to see why they dominate the marketplace in terms of tablet marketshare.

The only drawback when comparing Apple to Android, is the price. Apple’s iPad commands a much higher price tag than the Android based tablets. A new Wifi-only iPad will cost you approximately $500. Comparing that price to the Kindle Fire, which sells for $199, you can see why Amazon has had so much success in selling their first Android tablet. So if price is an issue, you should invest in an Android based tablet. If $500 doesn’t make you blink, I think you’ll be very happy with the Apple iPad.

So What Are People Using Tablets For? I find the tablet computer to be a very conveninet alternative to my laptop computer.