Apple Ipad Unintended Consequences

As the hype subsides and the media frenzy moves on to the next big thing, the wait begins for the Apple iPad to reach the hands of anxious buyers. Based on the mixed reception the iPad has received it’s anyone’s guess whether or not Apple will have a hit on its hands. In either case, we suspect there will be some interesting consumer behavior caused by the iPad, Here’s our list: 1. It will sell more Motorola Droids, Palm Pres, and WiFi routers like Verizon’s MiFi Our hunch is the 32GB iPad at $599 will be the most popular model but who is going to want to spend the extra money for 3G especially when you already have it with your cell phone?

Now, we don?t expect you?ll be able to tether your iPhone to the iPad so that leaves WiFi or better yet WiMax. Right now the Droid can use free apps that turn it into a WiFi hotspot for no extra cost. Touch Pro 2, Imagio, and Omnia II users can also turn their phones into WiFi hotspots. For $40 a month you can use a Palm Pre or you could go with something like Verizon?s MiFi or even Sprint’s WiMax dongle and a CradlePoint portable router.

2. It will give hope to Apple?s competitors that they can still create something new and cool The word “arrogance” is too often heard in the same sentence as Apple. As demonstrated by the lack of real innovations in the iPad, it appears that Apple employees are not super human after all. For all of Steve Jobs? hyperboles this is not a phenomenal, incredible, amazing, truly magical, revolutionary, wonderful, unbelievable, crowning glory masterpiece.

It?s pretty cool, but it?s basically a supersized iPod Touch. Okay Sony, HP, Samsung, and the rest of you out there with research labs and cutting edge technology, here?s your chance to take a giant leap with a new mind reading, natural language using, gesture-based, solar powered, lightweight, truly revolutionary device. 3. It will sell more Kindles and other E-readers One thing that Amazon realized early on is that reading an e-book should be as relaxing and enjoyable as, well, reading a book.

E-readers like the Kindle with their reflective E Ink displays don?t need a bright backlight to make it possible to read. A backlit display is perfect for looking at photographs and watching video but many book lovers prefer the experience of an electrophoretic E Ink display to backlit LCDs, even if the backlights are LEDs. Besides, E Ink displays only look better in bright daylight unlike the iPad which will not only look washed out but will require some anti-glare treatment as well.

4. It will sell more netbooks In case netbook buyers were holding off on a netbook purchase to see what the Apple tablet was going to look like, they can go ahead and get that new Windows 7, Atom Pine Trail-based unit with the 14 hour battery life that has a real keyboard, 250GB hard drive multitasks, runs Outlook and has standard ports to connect to the outside world.

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