Tablet vs Laptop Making the Decision

Consumer’s Dilemma As a computer engineer, I usually see many people who face very serious dilemma. They often hesitate before making a decision between buying notebook or buying tablet. I completely agree, that it is impossible to stay with a desktop computer all the time. That is my mobile devices, such as notebooks, tablets, and smart phones are so popular. They part in the computer market is expanding exponentially.

So, making long story short, my aim is to help you to make the right decision.What is Tablet? Tablet computer, tablet PC or simply tablet is a computer integrated in a flat touch screen. Tablets are larger than mobile phones or pocket PCs. The idea of using tablet is that all main operations are done by touching the screen. Because of touchscreen technology physical keyboard is no longer needed on such extra mobile devices. In many cases tablets have virtual onscreen keyboards.

In many cases stylus or digital pen is used. Tablet seems quite a popular solution for those, who need extreme mobility and great functionality. Tablets have many capabilities than a PC have: wireless Internet, GPS navigation, video camera and others. Battery life can be from several hours to 10 or more hours. Speaking short, a tablet is a potential rival of laptops and smartphones.What is Laptop? A laptop computer is full functional PC.

The idea of laptop is that laptop is suited for mobile use. Laptops have all the components that regular personal computer has. So any operation that can be done on personal computer (desktop) can be done on laptop too. Laptops have display, keyboard, touchpad or other pointing device (e.g. trackpad), speakers, webcam, USB ports, VGA/HDMI/DVI or other ports, CD drive, large hard disk drive and other components that are needed for a computer.Laptops can work from electricity or can be used with rechargeable battery.

The are also light in weight.Tablet Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Tablet has more mobility than a laptop. The mobility is created by absence of traditional keyboard. Tablets are very lightweight. Tablets consume very small amounts of power. Tablets have easily controllable and intuitive interface. Touch screen technology enables that. Disadvantages Because of absence of keyboard it is very hard to type with tablet. The screen of tablet more often gets dirty, because you always touch it.

It is impossible to use tablet as a regular computer. Tablets are not as fast and powerful as desktops or laptops.Laptop Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages You can reach high writing speed and mobility at the same time. The writing with laptop computer is comfortable. A notebook fits any king of user. Speed, usability, and universality are the main advantages of a notebook omputer. Disadvantages Laptops weight more than tablets.

Usually laptops do not have touch screen. Laptops are quite massive, comparing them with tablets.Conclusions It is very hard to make a right decision.

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