Top Rated Tablets for Christmas Reviews 2014

Best Budget Tablets for the Money There’s a lot of new release tablets but if you’re willing to go with last year’s models then you can save quite a bit of money. I do this when I build computers to. I wait for the next generation processor and GPU to come out and then I purchase last year’s model. This is a great way to get a model that’s almost as good as this years for a fraction of the price.Deals on Tablets Reviews Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 with a Dual Core and Universal Remote may have a higher price tag than the Kindle Fire, but you get what you pay for.

Priced at 380.53 this four star and half tablet gets you more bang for ebooks your buck. This tablet has something that others do not. Not just one, but two cameras. This allows you to record and easily chat online. The simple to use software lets you control your TV viewing, play games, and access millions of pages on the web. The 7-inch screen makes viewing an enjoyable experience and the resolution provides a clear picture. This tablet’s compact size makes it easy to carry around, and it even fits in a back pocket.

The features on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 are what I really like about it. The Honeycomb operating system is very responsive and everything works intuitively. The camera’s picture quality is more like a cell phone, but it’s good enough to get some decent pictures. When I go on a huge trip I use the GPS feature on it as well. I guess I could go out and purchase a separate GPS for a couple hundred dollars, but why spend money when you don’t have to?

I simply load the information before the trip. Kindle Fire As usual with tablets the Kindle Fire comes in at number one. Priced at 199 on Amazon, this is a deal for the amount you get in this tablet. The touch screen is brilliant, and makes movies come to life. The colors and high resolution make magazines and children’s books are amazing as they are in tangible form. This tablet is also very easy to use, so you can start watching movies, reading books, and playing games right away.

There are thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from and you can stream, buy, or rent them. This tablet also comes with a free month of Amazon Prime, which allows members to enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of popular movies and shows. With Prime you can also access thousands of books and it even gives free two-day shipping on mission of items on This is a tablet loaded with extras.

A four star rating proves just how much customers love the Kindle Fire. For a great price you get a reliable and durable piece of equipment that looks good as well. There is no doubt that the Kindle Fire is a great deal for a tablet.Blackberry Playbook Tablet The Blackberry Playbook Tablet is another great product at a great price.