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Purchasing the best tablet pc is actually not a straightforward task and it mostly depends on the features you would expect to find in a tablet pc to use in your professional or daily life. There are currently five top rated tablet pcs in the market competing to each other. I will write the main features of each for easy comparison. So, you can buy the best tablet device efficiently. Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Review I think you would expect to me start my tablet pc review with Apple iPad but you are mistaken.

Personally, I now think that Samsung Galaxy Tab deserves this place with the features it brings. Here are the powerful features of Galaxy Tab. It has Flash support in which iPad lacks (actually Apple wants to kill Flash from the market). Two digital cameras which are quite good quality. You can use the tablet as a phone. Lightweight (almost half weight of the iPad), very fast on Android system.

Good touch sensitivity, easy finger usage. Although less applications then new iPad review for a comparison, new applications will arrive by time which can compete with Apple App Store. Want mobility and lots of functions in a package (internet, telephone, digital cameras)?, buy this one. Want better large internet browsing experience?, go for Apple iPad. iPad Tablet Review Being the first in the tablet market, iPad is still one of the best devices.

It has very large screen which is very convenient and enjoyable to use (unless you want to hold it for hours because it is heavy). Thousands of applications on every subject. So, as a media device, it is perfect. No complaints about it. The screen quality is even better than Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple has better multi-touch tech. What it lacks is the digital cameras, direct gsm phone calls, no possibility to add extra storage space via memory card slots and no free file transfers out of Apple file conversions.

Huawei S7 Tablet This is a moderately successful 7 inch Android tablet with 768 mhz snapdragon processor. It supports 3G and WiFi support. You can use it as a phone. It has a digital 2mp camera. Considering that Samsung Galaxy Tab is now in the market, you can choose this as a cheaper alternative. But, if you have normal budget for a modern, serious tablet pc, do not buy this one. Prefer iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.HP Slate 500 HP returned back with Slate 500, after they decided to cancel Slate.

My opinion about HP Slate is also not very positive. It looks like a device without any r&d as if they just added some ram and processor power to a usual tablet. And other disadvantage? It runs on Windows 7 which we do not enjoy at all.

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