Choosing Between an Apple iPad or a Google Android Tablet

There were many considerations for me when I was trying to decide on buying an Android tablet or an Apple iPad. When the iPad first came out and while it is a very good design. As much as I wanted to have one, I couldn’t bear the thought of paying so much money for one. I researched and found that many of the Android tablets have similar functionality as the iPad such as capacitive multi-touch screens that were similar to an iPad.

When comparing the main features and contemplating the multiple reasons I came to the conclusion on why I didn’t choose an Apple iPad. First Decision – Price The price of the iPad starting at $499 and upwards is so high that for a bit more money I could have purchased a full featured Windows laptop. While the flexibility of havng a tablet is great and the ability to run certain apps is good. I felt the price was too high when considering getting these capabilities.

While most of the same size Android tablets would cost close to the same amount as an iPad, I found there were many other choices of smaller screen Android tablets that were less costly and fairly capable. Second Decision – Size While the size of the screen on the iPad is good but again not quite the same size as a laptop if I were to purchase one besides the first reason to not buy an iPad. The iPad’s screen size is a bit too large and would require two hands for a majoity of the time when using it.

So again the option of Android tablets with a smaller mejor tablet barata china screen option became more appealing. Third Decision – Features The features I was interested in are to have expandability and more standard interfaces. Apple as a company, likes to have a fixed amount of memory per device and you pay for more storage at the time you first buy a device and if you needed more then you would have to replace it with an higher-end version of the device.

While most Android tablets have a expandable slot for adding flash memory which can help to expand the amount of memory in the device. Surprisingly, I was seriously considering the latest Google Android tablet, the Nexus 7, but it didn’t have the slot for expanding the amount of memory so I took this device out of my list of considerations. Secondly, standard interfaces such as a microUSB port which can help to connect for power or to a computer for transferring files back and forth.

Also the same interface could be used to possibly connect to a keyboard, mouse, or other USB capable peripherals.Conclusion After purchasing my first Android tablet, I’ve bought two other Android tablets afterwards as I found certain limitations when purchasing the earlier ones as they have older versions of the Android OS. The first Android tablet I got had Android OS 2.

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