Creative New Uses For A Tablet

As A Recipe Book In my kitchen there sits a recipe book. Inside is a personal collection of recipes that has everything from bread to puppy chow. Each page seems to contain some physical history of its last use. Since I can’t wash paper, I’ve laminated a few and have rewritten even more. Instead of dealing with that hassle, I’ve transcribed every recipe into a Word document. Those documents are now stored on my computer and were transferred to the tablet. Now, when I need to make something in the kitchen I can use the tablet without having to wade through the used and abused pieces of paper.

There is a spot in my kitchen where the tablet can mount so that it’s out of the way and doesn’t get splashed or anything. I would highly recommend finding or making an area to mount the tablet. With it I can turn on music, look up old recipes, follow along to a video on Food Network, or find a brand new recipe. This is particularly useful if you need to find a recipe based on whatever food is in the house. You can carry it with you and browse the cupboards.As A Newspaper Lets face it, one thing that isn’t getting smaller and more efficient is a newspaper.

I feel like I’m holding a bunch of posters when I’m reading one. I find this really inconvenient, although I do enjoy the smell and feel. Unfortunately for my local paper, that’s not enough to keep me a customer. Not long ago I ended my subscription, and went all digital. My goal from there was to find free resources so I can still get my news. For that I turned to the internet. I found that all of my local channels broadcast the news live. I read some of the articles on the sites, and decided to look for an actual digital paper.

I went to the website of my local paper and found that I can get an all digital subscription if I wanted. At this point I knew I didn’t really need a paper. I can get all the same news from other sources. Best of all, it’s all available on a 7 inch tablet. It’s more efficient, and I save money.As A Phone This isn’t really a new concept, but it can save you a lot of money depending on what kind of phone plan you have. Voip is a very popular way to communicate with other people over the internet, but I use Google Voice.

I’ve mapped out free WiFi hotspots in the area and stop there to make calls or texts free with Google Voice. Fast food restaurants and large department stores seems to be the best. I could use my phone, but I save money each time I don’t.As A Bedtime Story My daughter loves the tablet. Every night before bed we browse through childrens books and choose one. She gets to choose the book, and I let her flip the pages. She has a blast, and I no longer have to stand at our bookshelf and find a book that hasn’t recently been read.

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