How I Published My Crochet Pattern for the Kindle A Step by Step Guide

© Copyright 2011 Patrice Walker All rights reserved Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – A Discovery of a Lifetime I was wondering why it was taking me so long to write a follow-up hub to the one I published almost a year ago (1-10-10) on how to create crochet patterns. After publishing that hub, my goal was to write a hub on how to self-publish your crochet patterns, but I kept procrastinating and finding excuses not to write it. Now I know why. I was waiting to learn about publishing for the Kindle, a discovery that took a good eight months to make.

Yeah, I know. Iím a bit behind the times, but needless to say, I was really excited about getting some crochet patterns in the Kindle Store and started teaching myself as much as I could about the process.During my research, I came across one of craftdrawerís hubs on publishing for the Kindle that included an Amazon capsule featuring a Kindle ebook on how to publish and sell ARTICLES for the Kindle.

Oh my goodness! Articles? Thatís all I do is write articles. Do you mean I can actually sell my articles in Amazonís Kindle store and make more money than Iím getting through Adsense and other revenue sharing programs that most writing sites offer? I couldnít get over to the Kindle Store fast enough to purchase this 99-cent ďbookletĒ by Kate Harper.This little ebook is jam packed with valuable information on publishing articles for the Kindle like “how to determine pricing, .

.. tips for avoiding unnecessary costs, and how to publish your article simply, without learning HTML coding or using conversion software.”After thoroughly studying Kateís article, I thought I was ready to at least experiment with publishing a short document on the KDP platform. A crochet pattern would be perfect for an experiment that I would use to teach myself what I need to know to publish future documents. It would also enable me to create a step-by-step guide that others could follow to do the same.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Publishing Crochet (and Knitting) Patterns (and Anything Else for That Matter) for the Kindle In this hub, Iím going to take you through the eight steps that I took myself through in order to get my crochet pattern published in Amazonís Kindle Store. Step 1: Do Some Keyword Research. Step 2: Create a Compelling Title for Your Crochet Pattern Step 3: Write Your Crochet Pattern Step 4: Format Your Crochet Pattern for the Kindle Step 5: Prepare a Book Cover for Your Crochet Pattern Step 5: Prepare a Product Description and Seven Tags Step 6: Upload Your Crochet Pattern and Book Cover to the KDP Platform Step 7: Wait 24 Ė 48 Hours for Your Crochet Pattern to Get Added to the Kindle Store Step 8: Get Traffic to Your Crochet PatternGranted, I did NOT go through these steps in the order in which they are presented here.

My process was a lot more haphazard.

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