Join the Tablet Revolution Why you Should Get a Tablet

The Evolution of Technology I think most of us can look back and remember the days of the horrid dial-up tone. For me, I remember playing computer games, then being disconnected from the internet because my sister just had to pick up the phone! However the internet has changed. With the development of WiFi and Mobile Broadband connectivity through cellular data networks, the way American’s connect to the internet has changed forever, not only in that we no longer use phone lines for connecting to the internet, but the devices we use are drastically different from those that we grew up on.

Tablets are how American’s are connecting to the internet. In this article I will give a brief overview of what a tablet is, the tablet market to date, and why you should get a tablet.What is a Tablet? For a year and a half I worked at a very large consumer electronics retailer. I sold computers, Mac products, tablets and mobile phones. Because of this, I have a unique exposure to tablet models and operating systems. One question that I got all the time was, what is a tablet?

For me, that is an easy to answer question. I grew up around technology and was familiar with the digital age we currently find ourselves in. However, a lot of people didn’t and still don’t have the proper frame of reference to understand what a tablet is. A lot of times I would simply walk them to the iPad or Samsung display and say, “This is a tablet”. However, according to PCMag, a tablet computer is a general-purpose computer contained in a single panel.

Its distinguishing characteristic is the use of a touch screen as the input device… There are a lot of tablets out there – a lot. More than one could even fathom. This is all due in part to the open source operating system oferta ebook of Android. Android allows manufacturers more freedom to make models that cater to specific needs of the consumer, from the manufacturers standpoint. Manufacturers can take Android, and tweak it to pair better with the features their tablet offers.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 offers a multi-screen view. Samsung took the Android OS and tweaked it to allow that feature to be a part of what the tablet could do. A lot of Android tablets are lower quality, and because Android is not proprietary, quality control for Android tablets is hard to come by – unless you’re one of the big name tablet manufacturers like Samsung or Asus. The tablet that started it all, however, and that is 100% proprietary is the Apple iPad.

The iPad revolutionized the market because Apple was the first company to have a tablet that worked, and worked well. Couple that with iOS which is arguably the worlds easiest to use Operating System, and you have yourself a top of the line, high quality, easy to use tablet. The iPad is 100% proprietary, which means only Apple can make the iPad. This, in turn, gives consumers less options for models and price points, but it also means that iOS is only on the devices Apple wants it to be on.

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