12 Awesome Things About a Kindle

Kindle Devices Just Keep Getting Better! I’ve been a long time owner of many generations of the Amazon Kindle, right from the first iterations which were pricey and clunky through to the present day with my full color Fire HDX. At first you just had the gray-scale ereaders with a cool new technology that allowed you to read books on a device that didn’t strain your eyes like a computer screen. And now, while we still have the more traditional designs like the Paperwhite which focus on books and reading, we also have the newer tablet style Fires which are full-blown multimedia gadgets.

These days, I mostly use my Fire device which allows me to move quickly between books, movies, games, audiobooks, Internet and email. Although I still use the traditional e-ink Kindle for reading in outside in the sun, that is the only time I tend to use that version now. This article celebrates many things I love about using one of these great gadgets. 1) Free and Discounted Books to Read With a Kindle device, you can quickly amass a lot of books and reading material.

Amazon always have plenty of books available that are free or reduced in price and, if you’re a member of their Prime scheme, you also get free books to choose via their Lending Library as well. You can find many of the classic books for free, so before you pay to buy a Jane Austen book like Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte or even The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – do a search to find a free version first. If you take a good browse around the Kindle Store on Amazon, you’ll find a lot of sections featuring daily and monthly deals as well as other promotions ereader kindle too.

Money saving tip: If there are ebooks you’re interested in but the price is currently over what you want to pay, add them into your Amazon wishlist where you can easily keep an eye on the price if and when it drops. My husband and I have saved a whole lot of money this way. 2) Easy Integrated Dictionary Lookup and Search Kindles come with a simple yet powerful and often overlooked benefit. Having a dictionary integrated right into the book while you read is such an awesome feature.

No more interruptions of your reading while you wander off to find a dictionary. Or no more annoyance at not being able to figure out what something means. Now you can find out right away because your device comes with a dictionary as a standard feature. While reading a book, you can tap and hold on a word on the latest touch screen models of a ebook kindle Kindle such as Paperwhite and Fire in order to get a basic dictionary definition up on the screen.

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