The Tribez Game Review for the Kindle Fire HD

When it comes to free games for the Kindle Fire, there are tons comprar tablet apple of choices, no matter what kind of game you’re looking for. I’ve found solitaire, word searches and crossword puzzles all the way up to more complicated stuff like Fruit Ninja and Stardom: Hollywood. One game that I really did miss from my days as an iPhone user was The Tribez. Previously only available for iOS devies, this libro electronico kindle game is a step back in time where the player has to take charge of a prehistoric island where things have gone completely wonky.

As in there are dinosaurs who eat the evil Murlods, tribesmen who spend a little too much time at the prehistoric Hooters and wanting to take baths all while you’re investigating a wrecked airplane kind of wonky. This game is published by Game Insight and has always been available for free for iPhones and their relatives, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that The Tribez became available for Android devices via Google Play. When I figured this out, I was a happy camper because I truly love this game.

My Review for The Tribez on Kindle Fire When I played The Tribez for iPhone, I had a blast. I referred to the game as my “prehistoric trailer park.” In a nutshell, you start with one island, a handful of little dudes, a few buildings, some money and a huge “honey-do” list. Your goal is to build up your little island because it wants to be all it can be. You also will have to expand to other islands which all have their own little quirks.

I haven’t played a lot of these types of games, so I really don’t know what to compare it to, but each building has a purpose. Houses earn rent money and each new one you build will give you at least one new little dude to help out on your island. There are lumber mills, ancient bars, cafeterias, stone processing and marble plants, quarries, a tax collector and quite a few other things that play a large part in the success of failure of your island.

Most of these buildings are upgraded which increase the profitability of the structure. For instance, upgrading the houses makes them pay more rent. If you upgrade your lumber mill, you will have the option to make more boards than before. One of the things that makes this game so interesting (and addicting!) are the quests. You will be given orders, for the most part, that consist of things you need to do to advance your island.

You might be ordered to upgrade a building or you might have to kill prehistoric bad guys (that look like a slightly less hairy version of Captain Caveman) to collect axes to unlock the next quest. To perform an action, all you need to do is tap the building or item that you want one of your little dudes to use and then select from the options given – if you want him to grow food, choose between melons, pumpkins, corn and wheat.

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