Tips and Advice on Writing a Short Story for a Kindle

Here are some writing tips and advice on creating short stories for the Kindle, or developing content for any electronic book reader. To be fair to you I will not claim that this is entirely serious from beginning to end. Therefore if you are not blessed with a fondness for occasionally wasting your time, or prefer not to listen to an idiot and a charlatan – please feel no obligation to read on with the intention of subsequently reporting me to Google.

If you do decide to continue despite my warning then be aware that there is no legal recourse available to you in terms of the aforementioned time wasting matter. In any case it would come down to a definition of usefulness, and my solicitor has informed me that under certain conditions there are elements of the writing contained in this page which could be described as not entirely lacking in worth. Praise indeed I think, and that is from a legal type of person.

So, if you are still there and I am of course still here, letís crack on with some knowledge dissemination in an arguably humorous way.Why Write for the Kindle? Because the Kindle is slightly different to a real book in terms of effort mainly, and price. Traditionally, a prospective reader might browse through a bookstore looking for something interesting to read. They would hold the book in their hand, skip through some pages and make a decision based largely on the look and feel of the product, er, book thing.

In electronic book story marketing we need a good summary of a hundred words or so, a very good cover, tons of marketing and a 99c price point. Your clueless purchaser will hopefully click on the thing and buy it without really checking it out first. Hopefully my tips in this piece will show you how to aim at the right quality level to produce tons of these things within a sensible timeframe. We are not talking lifeís work output here! Just a few minutes of your time and another masterpiece will hit the shelves in a digital sense.

Writing is a Bit Boring First up, letís get the writing bit out of the way (ugh). Now I know what youíre thinking Ė writing equals boring, and yep, Iím with you all the way. But you canít just sell a Kindle book with nothing inside Ė I mean you have to have some content. Letís assume youíre going for the short story market rather than the help yourself arena. Hereís how to craft a simple novel without too much effort. There are a few basic bits to the old writing shenanigans that you need to acquaint yourself with in a brain learning mode.

Title Character Background Premise Plot (added after comments pointed out I’d missed it) Start Middle EndA Good Kindle Title This is so important. Several words, or maybe just one if you are a bit up yourself, that go on all the marketing.

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