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The Apple iPad is the new tablet computer from Apple. It aims to combine the benefits of an iPhone with an ereader and a tablet computer, allowing people to browse the net, create documents and read books using the portable device. This page explains the features of the Apple iPad and tells you where you can buy an iPad online.iPad features The Apple iPad weighs just 1.5 pounds and has a 9.7 inch multi-touch display. Because the tablet uses touchscreen technology, the screen is coated with a special finger-print resistant layer so the screen is always clear.

It comes with the 2010 version of iWork (Apple’s Office software), which allows you to create and read documents, spreadsheets and presentations. iWork is compatible with Microsoft Office documents and can also read pdf files. The built-in browser is Apple’s Safari – iPhone users will already be familiar with it as it is the default browser on the phone. Note that you will not be able to install Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer onto your iPad. Apple have launched iBook – their own bookstore, from which you should be able to buy and read ebooks on your iPad.

However, the iPad also supports ePub, so you should be able to read any ebooks on in this format, and Amazon have announced that they are going to build a free Kindle for iPad app, so that you can read Kindle ebooks on your iPad. the Apple iPad ereader function is not as gentle on the eyes as Kindle’s eink ereader, but the iPad is backlit, which should make reading in bed easier. The multimedia function allows you to play games, watch movies and videos and listen to music on the iPad as well.

The Newest iPad also comes with two cameras, a still camera and a video camera. Apple have also launched a software developer kit so that software houses can produce apps specially for the iPad. Some are already available – for instance the New York Times has an app allowing you to read their newspaper on the iPad. iPhone apps should also work on the iPad. The video below was made by someone who attended the iPad comprar tablets samsung launch – all delegates were given one to try out, and he walks you through all the functions and gives a personal review of the Apple iPad.

Drawbacks to the Apple iPad * It doesn’t have any flash enabled. Apple have done this to preserve battery life. What this means in practice is that you won’t be able to see adverts that flash at you or play a small movie, and on some pages you won’t be able to see images. Does this matter? Well iPhone users have long done without flash and it hasn’t bothered them. The only time it will make a difference is when you want to watch movies online through sites such as Hulu – you won’t be able to.

* There is no video conferencing feature in the iPad at the moment and no camera. This will affect business users but should not have a bearing on domestic users. * no built-in USB port. This is actually quite a serious drawback for those who want to be able to simply stick in a memory stick into their i{ad, work on the move and then use the memory stick to transfer their work onto their PC.

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