Capacitive Allwiner A13 Android Tablet Review

Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner A13 Android Tablet Review I’ve been looking around for a Tablet PC for a while now. I’ve started to take the bus to work on a regular basis and it gets a bit boring, especially when we get stuck in traffic. Anyway, I was searching around on Amazon and I found this great little Tablet that was within my price range (under £100/$150) and it did everything that I needed to do on the bus and even more.

Now that I’ve had the Allwinner Tablet for a couple of weeks now it has started to replace my laptop for everyday things like watching YouTube videos, searching the web, checking emails and listening to music. I’ve also just discovered that I can use it for GPS navigation so it’s started to come in the car with me when I’m out driving to new places. If you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday present for someone who loves their technology, or maybe something for the kids to keep then quiet then I can highly recommend getting the Capacitive Tablet.

For $80-100 you can’t go wrong and there is so much that you can do with it! Let’s talk about the other benefits of having a Tablet PC.Benefits of a Tablet Tablet PCs are a great gadget for surfing the web and doing low-mid powered activities. A low end tablet like the Allwinner is able to do the following: Check emails Surf the web Code Blog – there are loads of apps for all the different blogging platforms Play great games like Angry Birds Watch videos on YouTube Read ebooks Make Skype calls Take photos GPS navigation If you’re looking for something a bit more powerful like the Apple iPad 2 then you’ll have all these benefits plus the ability to play powerful games, increased battery life (approximately 11 hours), front and back facing cameras with greater mega-pixel capabilities, and generally higher specs but you do pay through the nose for it and you’re probably better off with a laptop.

One of the main benefits of a Tablet PC is it’s portability, they are very light (on average a 1lb in weight), very small (between 7-10″) which means you can easily pop it in your purse or rucksack. They are great for commuters or those who have to travel a lot because they have headphone sockets so you can listen to your music in private; ebook functionality so you can catch up on your favorite novels; flash capability so you can easily search the web, watch videos or play web-based games and loads more.

If you find you do these things on your laptop and want to do them on the move then I highly recommend investing in an Allwinner Tablet as you’ll save your back and have a lot of fun with it too.Why Is The Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner A13 So Great I know I have already touched upon why I love the Allwinner Tablet but there are a couple more features that I wanted to really highlight. The first one is the price.

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