Hands On Review Lenovo Ideapad Tablet Netbook S10 3T Tweaks and Tips (Part 3)

Improving on a Good Thing – The Ideapad S10-3t Can you improve on perfection? Okay, that’s hype. The S10-3t may be close to perfect, but it’s not quite there. This whole article is all about getting it just a little bit closer to the perfect ideal netbook. I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t Tablet Netbook. Specifically, the 06517HU model. Spent about a month comprar tablet baratas playing with it, learning what it can (and can’t) do. In the course of all this discovered a lot of things can be done to enhance it.

As much as I liked it straight out of the box, there are ways to make the S10-3t run better, faster, smoother; things to improve both large and small aspects of this excellent netbook. When it arrived, it was like Christmas. I started playing around right off the bat. Took notes, jotted down what I did, kept records of things purchased, downloaded, and modified. The resulting review turned out to be way too long. The links in the sidebar are the best way I could find to break it into readable chunks:Sources and Explanations Below is a list of things I’ve done or used to make my Lenovo Ideapad S10-3T 06517HU Tablet Netbook run a little sweeter.

Where possible, I’ll include videos or step by step instructions. Once you get your S10-3t, I urge you to visit the site of Jesse B Anderson, who’s like the holy man on the mountaintop when it comes to the S10-3t. I’ve included a lot of his instructional videos here. Some of his stuff is very simple, some is a bit technical. After so much tinkering, I tend to mix up which ideas might have been mine. A lot of them came from Jesse, some from other sources, and even a little bit of my own.

So if you run into anything that I didn’t explain well enough, leave a comment and I’ll try to clear it up. Specific “how to” instructions are bolded to draw your attention.Adding Ram is easy, getting the right Ram requires a little knowledge My S10-3T uses an Atom N455 processor, which runs DDR3 Ram (204 pin sodimm). It comes with 1GB, expandable to 2 GB. The documentation was a little…

lacking, so it took a couple of tries to get the right ram. Actually, it took 3 wrong orders and a phone call to Crucial. Should have done that in the first place. Crucial’s tech didn’t have much sense of humor, but she completely knew her stuff. Much thanks to Crucial’s expertise for putting me back on track.Got the right ram? Here’s how to change it: Regarding memory, Windows Premium (the version that came with my Ideapad) uses around 700 mb of the one gigabyte the S10-3t comes with.

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