Cheap graphics tablets for artists Aiptek

As an artist painting in both traditional media and digital media I have a range of artists materials. For the digital side of my artwork I use a PC graphics tablet, which is a computer input device that allows you to hand draw images, similar to that of using pen and paper or a paint brush. This explination seems a little to simple for a device that provides fantastic opportunity and freedom to any artist, and coupled with software like Photoshop or Painter can offer endless possibilities.

As a traditional artist for many years I was very dubious of taking the digital route and buying a graphics tablet but when I did take the plunge it opened up a wealth possibilities. Below is my Aiptek graphics tablet review and thoughts. The Aiptek tablet is my cheap and trusty tablet of choice and for 3 simple main reasons. One, it’s cheap, (I think it’s one of the best cheap graphics tablets), two, it’s a great size and three, it’s performance for it’s price is simply fantastic.

In life, it does seem you get what you pay for but I wanted an entry level graphics tablet with a high specification and the Aiptek gives me mejor tablet 10 pulgadas just that.The PC drawing tablet If you want to try a graphics tablet before you decide to take the plunge on a more expensive model then you can’t go far wrong with the Aiptek tablet. The size and working area is great for almost all applications and I found this fine for all my painting needs. The unit itself is sturdy and does the job but lacks some of the tablet android build quality of the Wacom range.

The surface of the tablet does mark but is very durable and to this day does not ive me any trouble and for the price you can’t really complain. The pen The pen feels fine to hold and use for both drawing and painting for long periods but does have a plastic feel to it and could be of better quality. Combined with the drawing tablet itself it still offers a fantastic way of working. Sensitivity of the Aiptek graphics tablet Using the Aiptek tablet I really did find it very much like using pen and paper.

The sensitivity of up to 4000 lpi resolution and 1024 levels pen pressure meant that I can sketch away with complete freedom and I was genuinely surprised for the cost bracket this device falls into. The Aiptek tablet itself has a 9” x 5 1/2” active area maximising the working space for sketching, editing and painting. Dual mode active area for PC and Notebook with either Widescreen (16:10) or Standard screen (4:3) monitors. With up to 4000 lpi resolution, the 1024 levels pen pressure provides great graphics performance for professional design, drawing and painting.

Two rolling pads and 5 hotekeys support both right- and left-hand users for quick zooming in and out, scrolling up / down or left / right, adjust audio volume and switch between widescreen and standard modes.

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