How To Publish and Sell Your Kindle E Book for Profit

When you start writing a book, the plan that you, will have something you will eventually have written, and edited and published– then you will need to create an e-book. Then you sell it and hopefully make money from the earnings through the royalty. This is a good plan, but it is also very vague and can lead to disaster if you do not know about the challenges that you face when you publish books on kindle. With the advent of e-books some of these plans have been simplified, and but it was also made more complex, there is another format you will have to consider.

Some self-publishers will have both a physical copy of their book, but no e-book whereas others will do the reverse. Writers face pressure from hundreds of places where they have a need to build a network and gain credibility for their writing. In short, publishing a book is not as easy as it can first appear, especially if your plans are vague, or this is your ereader first book. There are simple steps you can follow to create both a book that sells and also have an e-book which will maintain regular sales.

These can also be generalized to online writing sites in many cases since most readers of online articles can make a choice to read your e-book after they have read your writing.Publish Your Book Before you publish your book, look and see what will sell in your market for your book, ebook publishing isn’t as easy as it seems when you first begin. Having a good marketing plan is key to seeing more sales success long term. Next you will need to sign up for the Kindle program where you can have your e-book shown on amazon.

com. There are a few rules however. 1) You have the choice to join the Kindle select program. This is a program where you can “promote” your book on the various amazon sites for five days at a price point of zero. This means that you will be giving away your book for free. However, you can not promote your book on your blogs or any other website for 90 days. If you do you can lose your royalties you earned during this time.

2) You can update and edit your book…but it does take time: My book originally sold as an e-book for $2.99 US, but later, the price was lowered to 99 cents as the book aged. The price might go back up, but as it stands the market is doing fine at this price. The paperback book is also priced low so that the niche market has time to build up. However, should the book’s price be updated there is a time lag where you can not update or edit the book for changes.

3) If you want to publish with Kindle, and within the Kindle Direct program, be prepared to look things over: One of the main features of the downloading process is that Kindle allows you to preview how your book will look to your reader.

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