Tablets with USB Ports

Buying a New Tablet with a Full Size USB Port If you are looking for wide selection of new tablets with full size USB Ports, I am sorry to report that your selection will be limited. Most tablets do come with at least one Mini-USB port but normally do not include any USB 2.0 ports. Trying to find these tablets from all others is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you had a Windows or Android tablet with a full size USB port, you could connect and use a regualar keyboard to increase typing ease and speed or even use a normal mouse.

You could also use things such as flash drives to transfer and store files or even connect a PlayStation 3 controller or Logitech game controller. Talk about the ultimate tablet gaming experience.My Top Pick is the Acer iconia Tab A200 This tablet is difficult to find around town and most often needs to be ordered online. While not a cheap tablet, this is the best tablet for the price. The screen is one of the most impressive features as it is bright and crisp.

The one detail that really stands out is how bright and white the color white is displayed. This tablet not only has the on-board full size USB but also includes a Mini-USB as well. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it does feel a little heavy (It weights in at 1.5 Lbs).Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ Android Tablet The Toshiba Drive not only includes a full size USB port, it has nearly every other port ever found on a tablet. It comes with an on board SD card, a mini-USB port and a full sized HDMI ports.

Of course they did not forget the front and rear side cameras. The 10″ tablet’s screen is nothing short of stunning which has an auto-adjusting screen brightness. Many tablets have a smooth glossy rear exterior that increase the chances of it being dropped. Not with this tablet. The rear exterior of the tablet is made of a durable rubber that has a smooth velvet type of feel and provides a confident grip. This tablet is also a little thicker than most at just a hair over half an inch (.

6 inches). Also good to note is that this tablet also supports Adobe Flash.Microsoft Surface RT (32GB) With Windows 8 RT with a quad core processor and an incredible 10.6″ screen, this tablet makes easy work of multitasking. You can expect to get 8 hours worth of use out of this tablet and if left and idling, up to two weeks before you deplete the battery. The USB port on this tablet is a USB 3.0 for the fastest transmission speed possible.

Of course they did not forget the front and rear facing cameras. One of the best things about this tablet is that you can delete nearly any app that it ships with and in the event you miss one, you can easily download it again from the store. Choosing a Windows operating system over Android makes creating word processing, spreadsheet and presentations a breeze.

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