Technology and the Tablet Do I Really Need To Buy One

Technology and the Tablet, Do I Really Need To Buy One? So, I have been a big fan of the Netbook, cheap yet reliable, these small but useful PC’s that are easy to use and great to hall around with you in your back pack. The price and functionality of a netbook was always desirable to me. However, this year we are being bombarded with the Tablet PC, most run on Android, and are also very small, compact, and do most of what a netbook can do.

So, the pressure was on me to see if I should give up the netbook, and go with a Tablet. I took the plunge and sold my netbook. I did a lot of research and trust me, there is a lot to figure out when buying a Tablet. The first thing I found was that looking for a netbook and looking for a Tablet are pretty much the same. It means finding the best quality in looks and hardware for the best price. This means looking at the following options: Processor There are many tablets that come with the ARM 800Mhz processor.

These are usually the lower end Tablets, and are appealing in the price. However, when you try one with a 1Ghz processor, you can definitely see and feel the difference. Android Version If you are purchasing a tablet, ideally it would be good to get Version 2. comprar una tablet buena y barata 2. If you don’t there are webpage’s that can show you how to update it, but playing around with the Firmware can be risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Touch Screen. I had no idea that there was a difference until I researched it.

Capacitive touch vs. Resistive Touch screens. The capacitive screens are much better, in my opinion. Capacitive you don’t have to press down, and usually have multi touch capability. Resistive touch screens you need to put pressure on the screen, and multi touch is not available for this type. Also, it seems to me to be much slower than capacitive. Screen size Now for me, a 7 inch screen is what I want, it’s just big enough to view everything, but small enough to carry around and not feel like it’s a laptop or netbook.

There are also the 10 inch tablets, which are more common and are trying to go against the Ipad. Casing The external case and size of the case around the screen is important to me. If you have a small screen and the case is bigger than the screen, to me it looks clunky and unappealing. Also, some are plastic, while others are metal or titanium. Memory or Drive Space This is important if you are downloading or storing stuff on to the tablet.

The ipad comes with plenty of space, at least 16Gb, but no SD Card slot. Others are coming with less space, min 4Gb of space, but allow for an SD card, or Micro SD card which you can put upto 32Gb. Price This is difficult. There are great tablets for more than $400, however there are also some pretty good lower end tablets that comprar ereader work great and are very reasonably priced.

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