The Kindle Fire HD Burns Bright in the Tablet Pricing Wars A 2012 Tablet Update

In the tablet wars, Amazon increased its sales power even more with the Kindle Fire HD. Even before its release, it was clear it would continue to be a viable contender for the top spot in tablet sales. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD does not disappoint. The nifty little tablet has many features that make it more attractive than other tablets its size, even the iPad Mini. The 7-inch version of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD sells for $199.00 U.S. pricing and has some cool features that go way beyond Kindle’s e-reader start.

The new Kindle Fire HD has many features that anyone looking for a tablet can get excited about and at $199.00 for the 7-inch screen size, the price point makes it attractive for the youngest to the oldest tablet user. The Kindle Fire HD has a front facing camera giving users the capability of taking pictures or making video calls in high definition. Cloud storage is unlimited on the Kindle Fire HD, if the content comes from Amazon. All the books and movies you buy from Amazon are stored in Amazon’s cloud.

With High Definition, it’s important to protect the sharpness of the picture, even in the sun’s comprar un ebook glare. Kindle has anti-glare technology that keeps the images on screen crisp and bright. The Kindle Fire HD has audacious audio to match the High Definition. With the capabilities of streaming movies and TV shows, the Kindle HD has dual stereo speakers and Dolby Digital Plus for excellent sound quality. Comparing the Kindle Fire HD to the iPad mini, the Kindle Fire HD holds its own and has a few features the iPad mini doesn’t.

The Kindle Fire HD has more pixals and more pixals per inch than the iPad mini, making its High Definition just a bit more defined. The Kindle Fire HD also has a feature called X-Ray that you can activate as you watch your favorite movie. A tap on the screen and Voila! Information about the shows performers is now displayed on the screen. The Kindle Fire HD still burns bright. You can see for yourself by giving it a try. At Amazon, if you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it in like new condition within 30 days.

With all the cool features, there are probably few returns.Specs for New 7″ Amazon Kindle Fire HD (2012) Price $199.00 (other pricing available for other sizes) Screen Size 7-inch display Weight 13.9 oz (hold in one hand) Apps – build-in access to Amazon Appstore 16 GB or 32 GB Connectivity – WiFi; no 3G Battery Life – up to 11 hours depending on use USB 2.0 Port for connection to PC or MacIntosh computer 1 year limited warranty and service Amazon has something called Amazon Prime which gives users the capability of watching commercial free movies and TV shows.

There is also cloud storage that is available with the device. The Christmas shoppers are beginning their gift giving plans. Order now and the newest tablet is yours. Look at the competition for comparison, then click the Amazon tab above for easy ordering.

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