ViewSonic G Tablet 10 Android 2 2 Tablet PC Review

This has got to be a first. My first ever review with mixed results for the product. The Viewsonic G Tablet has some problems. But then it has some major coolness too. Right off the bat, let me say- The Viewsonic is awesome, but it’s not for everybody. For the whole story, just keep reading. If you want to cut to the tech specs, skip to the bottom.From the Gemstar, to the Kindle Monique had a birthday recently. I wanted to do something different. My first thought was an ebook reader.

We both had the old eBookwise e-readers (converted Gemstars), and loved them. Maybe a little clunky, but they were fast, backlit for easy night reading, and had touch-sensitive screens. Then I got the Kindle as a gift from my son and his wife. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, especially the extra memory, longer battery life, and higher screen resolution. But Monique was still waiting to be impressed. She wanted all the modern cool features of the Kindle, but insisted on touch-screen, and really wanted it to be backlit.

How about the Nook? With this in mind, for her birthday I started researching the newest crop of ebook readers. Amazon had not yet released a touch-screen Kindle, even though they own a company with the technology, so they were out of the race. (Note: Amazon finally announced a major Kindle upgrade… guess I’ll be writing about that next!) After looking at the front runners, I was leaning toward the Nook touch-screen. Not perfect by Monique’s standards because it lacks backlighting, but very well-received in the reviews I could find.

Still, not quite on-target.Tablets- Read ebooks and much more I knew she was still interested in an ebook device, because she still uses her old eBookwise reader. Monique’s sister has a tablet, and I noticed Monique was curious about it. Neither of us knew much about tablets at the time, but it was easy to see parallels. Tablets can read ebooks. They have touch screens. They’re even backlit! Plus they can do a whole smorgasbord of other things.

Heck, there’s an app for near about anything. The more I learned, the better it sounded. It was fun learning about tablets, researching, studying their features. I love gadgets. But it didn’t take long to realize these tech-toys can get expensive. For better or worse, I set my spending limit at $300. This is where Amazon is very useful. All the search filters made it easy to wade through the available choices.The Most Powerful Tablet for the Price: Viewsonic G-Tablet Boiled down through all the options, the best tablet for my spending limit was the Viewsonic G Tablet.

I’ll admit, there were red flags. The hardware is powerful. The size, 10 inches, was important. Monique likes her portables larger, and the teeny tiny ones just wouldn’t do. The problem was the operating system. Many complaints about the OI, and specifically the TapnTap user interface. Another big complaint was lack of access to the Android Marketplace.

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