Your Best Ereader Kindle Or Nook

Your Best Ereader – Kindle or Nook In this article we will discuss differences between the Kindle and the Nook, and after the review, you can make the choice of the best ereader comparison. If you’ve ever thought about the best ereaders, you may have thought about the Kindle vs. Nook. In this article we will talk about the differences between these two devices, and which one you might make a decision on mejor tablet del mercado choosing if you decide to go with either one. We all know about the Kindle 3G wireless reading device and how Amazon has put this item at their forefront.

Also stating that, the Kindle 3G is probably the best ereader on the market today. It has also been said that they believe the Kindle 3G is better than the Barnes & noble Nook, and the Apple iPad. The Kindle has a few different features that are new with the Kindle 3 like: ” With the latest in Pearl technology it has 50% better contrast with the all new high contrast E-ink screen. ” There is no glare – readable in bright sunlight.

” New fonts that have been improved – darker fonts. ” Slimmer sleeker design – smaller body but still keeping the 6in. screen. ” 8.7oz. which is 15% lighter – a paperback book weighs more. ” A one month battery life – lasting one month on a single charge. This doesn’t take into consideration the wireless connection needs to be turned off. If you have issues about store space: don’t let it bother you, there’s plenty.

” Holds up to 3500 books – which is double the storage ” Downloads books in 60 seconds, anywhere or anytime. ” No contracts, no monthly payments – free 3G. Wireless. ” The ability to connect a WiFi at hot spots – built in. ” Seamless reading and faster page turns. ” It has highlights, notes, and dictionary lookups – top of the line PDF reader. ” Webkit – browser Now that’s the Kindle but on the other side of things there’s the Nook! The Nook has internal memory of 2GB; the bookstore storage is 1500 books, newspapers and magazines.

If there’s a need for more storage simply slide in a memory card. With the Nook completely loaded, this can be taken with you anyplace and you’ll always have your favorites with you. The Nook will allow you to read for quite a long time, roughly about ten days non stop. And that means no recharging. And we have to mention, the Nook has a color screen. ” The Nook provides a full screen, which is color and is a touch screen. ” You can read interactive kids’ books, newspapers, magazines, and enhanced books.

” You can surf the web and use the social features. With the Nook you also have extras, you can read and listen to music at the same time, play all of your favorite MP3’s with a built in MP3 player, you can also play music from Pandora Internet radio.

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