7 inch Budget Tablets Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 0 (Specs .

The budget tablet category reached mainstream popularity last year with the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which provided customers with an affordable tablet at $199. Since then it has earned a respectable market share, but it’s not without its competition like the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet that has been competing with it from the start and especially after the launch of Google’s Asus-made Nexus 7 tablet at the same price, but with much better specs. Additionally, the fourth option included in this comparison is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.

0, which provides a very functional comprar tablet baratas online budget device starting at $249. So let’s get to the detailed comparison of the four most interesting budget tablets on the market.Technical Specifications First of all, before buying a device, the customer should be clear on what capabilities does he expect from the device they are purchasing and what are the features they would comprar tablet barata 3g use the most. The table below lists all the technical specifications of the devices below in order for you to be able to compare them thoroughly and to see which functions or features would be the most valuable to you and what you are willing to compromise with.

Hardware And Build Quality The fact that a tablet is on the cheap side doesn’t mean it should be cheap-feeling and it should be built with low quality as a standard. The Nexus 7 tablet is a very nice, thin and light for its price-range 7-incher with a rubbery back bearing a large Google and a smaller Asus logos. It is comfortable to hold and operate and shows a balance between distinguishing itself and keeping to the proven norm in design.

The Kindle Fire on the other hand is a thicker device that went for the typical black slab design that has flooded the market. In the end it’s comfortable to work with and the Gorilla Glass provides a nice protection for the screen. The Nook Tablet, on the other hand, shows a totally different design approach with visual differentiation as a priority with its jutting loop on the bottom left corner and the “reversed-U” Nook-logo physical home button. Finally, Samsung’s budget competitor didn’t go for differentiation and it’s actually hard to differentiate it from the slew of resembling 7″ tablets that Samsung has produced.

As the Kindle Fire, its just another faceless black slate with a physical button here there around the edges. As almost every time with this manufacturer, the build is done in plastic without going for luxury, which doesn’t feel like a big problem in the budget company.Processing Power And Performance When we look at the four spec sheets above there could be only one winner in this category and it is the Nexus 7 with it’s quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16-core GPU. The similar 1GHz processor that is packed into the other three options on the list can’t even start to dream of the processing capability presented to the user by first hardware venture by Google and Asus.

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