A Guide to the Kindle Fire for the Technologically Challenged

So You’ve Bought a Kindle Fire… You’ve gotten tired of hearing everyone brag about their awesome technology. Your friend at work just about an iPad. Another co-worker just bought the new iPhone. Even your mother is texting more than you. Meanwhile, you are sitting there watching movies on your VCR and wondering how it all slipped by you. It’s just not fair! How come everyone else has cool stuff and you don’t? Well, the time has come to step it up.

The time has come to buy a new Kindle Fire from Amazon! If you don’t have any type of tablet computer, the Kindle Fire is a great way to start. Right now, a Kindle Fire is only $199 on Amazon. It’s major competitor, the Nook tablet, has also gone down in price to $199.99 at Barnes & Noble. The two are similar except the Kindle Fire offers more apps and more books. In my opinion, it is the better deal.

However, if you shop at Barnes & Noble more than Amazon, you might want to consider the Nook instead. If you are a big Amazon shopper, the Kindle Fire is going to be more for you. Basically, anything you will put on the Kindle Fire will be downloaded from the Amazon “cloud” so it is in your best interest to go with whichever retailer you trust and use the most. If you are reading this, I am assuming you are either seriously considering getting a Kindle Fire, or you just got one and you are sitting there looking at it perplexed.

I understand how you feel. If you are not a huge technology freak and this is your first tablet, it is exciting and overwhelming. Let’s take some time to go through the basics.Important Kindle Fire Basics When your Kindle Fire arrives from Amazon, it is going to show up in “frustration free” packaging. It is probably one of the easiest boxes to open. The Kindle Fire is snug in the box, but without any annoying tape, bubble wrap, or anything else that might slow you down.

Now, take this moment to appreciate that. Getting it out the box was pretty much the easy part. There will be simple directions with the Kindle Fire. It explains how the headphone jack, the power adapter, and the power button are all on the bottom. Take the power cord and plug it into the Kindle Fire; of course, plug the other side into the wall outlet. These are the instructions Amazon gives you. The rest you will find online. Since this is a tablet that is also an eReader, I suppose it would be against the Kindle morals to put an actual book with directions in the box.

Another thing you might want to note about the Kindle Fire is it does not directly hook to your computer. You can buy a special USB cable from Amazon to connect the Kindle to the computer for file transfers. It never occured to me that this would not come with the Kindle Fire, so I am letting you know that is the case right now. For now, you should probably take a few moments to get to know the Kindle Fire once you turn on the power button while it is charging.

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