Amazon Kindle Advanced Features Decrypt

Appearance of a more dexterous thin Kindle weight of less than ordinary paper books, the thickness is almost the same with the general journal, the user can easily be placed in the palm of your hand in the operation. Kindle pay more attention to ergonomics, taking into account the prolonged use of the user reading Kindle factors. Read in a long time, users tend to hold with one hand Kindle. User-friendly in order to separate the use of the left and the right hand page, Kindle are arranged in both sides of the flip key.

Higher ease of use Kindle content and improved navigation system for the convenience of users more quickly and accurately search to your want to read the content. Kindle own built-in wireless Internet connectivity, the user need for set-top boxes, cable broadband or computer-related reading materials can be completed downloading activities. Extend battery life Kindle compared with the first generation, Kindle battery life increased by 25%. In other words, in most cases, the user a few days without charging Kindle.

If the user is enabled wireless connectivity features, the Kindle single battery life is generally about 4 days; if you turn off wireless connectivity, the corresponding life time of up to two weeks. In other words, Kindle the length of battery life, will mainly depend on the number of users of the number of wireless connections. If the network connection status of the poor themselves, the power consumption will also increase.

Kindle can use an ordinary power adapter for charging, also available via computer USB 2.0 interface, such as charging. Under normal circumstances, Kindle one-time charge of 4 hours. Supporting high-speed 3G networks Kindle can be in the U.S. mobile operator Sprint’s 3G network to run at the same time using Amazon Whispernet specialized R & D content download technology, the use of Whispernet technology users to download an e-book content will not be more than 1 minutes.

And Wi-Fi wireless access technologies are different, Whispernet access without user looking for “hot spots.” Amazon Kindle release, the Kindle also expanded the coverage of wireless downloads, the download service currently has coverage of all 50 American states in major cities, these cities wireless users can download books, newspapers, magazines and blog. Wireless connection costs will be borne by Amazon.

Kindle capacity of 2GB, up to 1500 can store books, sufficient to meet the long travel required to read people. Screen display enhancement technology Kindle using 6-inch display, and the introduction of a new type of electronic ink display technology to make the display illegible characters closer to the paper printing effects. Kindle in the read e-books, their reading experience with desktops, notebooks screen reading different characters.

If users are not satisfied with the font size, which can easily be adjusted.

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