Best Computer Tablet For Kids LeapPad2 Or VTech InnoTab2

VTech – InnoTab 2 Or The Leappad2 Interactive Learning Tablets Each year manufacturers flood the market with new gadgets for kids. As technology is advancing so darn quickly, parents not only find it difficult to keep up, but wish to make sure that their child has the knowledge and understanding for the innovative new learning methods that are part of our modern education systems. Because we are more likely to find our kids learning by surfing, clicking, and making social media pages than by flipping tangible pages and playing hide-and-seek in the yard, is it important to discover the best interactive learning tools that allow a child to stay ahead of the proverbial curve.

To find the best tablet-style learning device for young children, I have taken a look at the two big hitters; Leappad2 and the new kid on the block, VTech – InnoTab2. Both are rated as best serving young children around ages 3 to 9. Here is what I found out about these interactive technologies for children.VTech – InnoTab 2 Interactive Learning Tablet Pros The price is pretty darn good when you consider it is the new addition to the tablet for kids family of gadgets. The housing has been improved upon a little from the previous version to bring better durability; after all, kids are bound to drag this thing around, drop it, and fling it among any number of other tactical measures for interactive play.

The previous version had parents concerned about the seemingly “super glued” housing. As parents can tell you, super glue is a pretty poor match for a vigorous 5 year old! This tablet has some pretty nifty apps and learning ability to keep any youngster happily engaged in tapping, dropping, and creating for hours. One of my favorite attributes of this tablet is that it offers parents the chance to track their child’s learning progress or goals for better understanding of a child’s learning needs, or strengths .

Cons Even as the housing has been—somewhat—improved, I still like the feel of durability offered by the Leapfrog family of products over the VTech. Even as the weight of the InnoTab is more substantial (just under 3 pounds), the LeapPad’s 1.7 pounds simply gives the impression of greater durability—it’s like the LeapPad2 is ready for whatever your child can throw at it. The InnoTab2 is a little slower at loading apps from its site and app use than the LeapPad.

Also, the touch screen may be a little too sensitive, making accidental app loading a pain when you don’t intend to use that app. The screen may be a little less bright, even with the adjustable brightness function, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Similar to the original (first generation) LeapPad, it may not be all that user friendly for the 3 year old age, but geared more for 4 or 5 years and up. Some swiping control may be difficult for the youngest users due to the touchy touch screen.

Camera Video Feature This child’s tablet has a rotating camera and video so children can take pictures or video of themselves or of family and friends. Cool stamps and effects can be applied to editing the images.Touch Screen / Motion Sensor The 5″ screen seems just about right for tiny fingers and hands to enjoy interactive learning apps as well as game play.

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