Best Tablets for Kids for Learning and Play in 2014

Top 5 Tablets for Children When you have kids, you know how they can get all grabby with your touchscreen devices. While you don’t mind them playing a game or two, there is a time limit for them if you need mejor tablet del mercado that tablet to read or check something, and you may not feel comfortable with them roaming around your content without any monitoring and parental controls. Some good tablets do allow you to create different user profiles and have good parental controls, but there are some really smart kids out there that can probably figure out a way to bypass just about anything.

This is where tablets for kids come in. As it is, it is not practical to share a device with your children anyway, and it is best if they had their own tablet which they can use to actually learn something and play games and run apps that are suitable for libro electronico kindle their age. There are many manufacturers who are aware of this need and produce excellent tablets for children that are packed with useful educational apps and games, cool content kids will adore, and that are designed to appeal to every child.

They are made to be more durable, and usually have rubber masks or bumpers that will protect the device in case it is dropped, hit or trampled on. Basically, these tablets can take more than the average tablet computer when it comes to any kind of damage, and emerge unscathed. When it comes to size, tablets for kids are usually designed so that their screens are smaller, as a regular tablet of, let’s say 8 to 10 inches is just too much for an average kid.

However, the rubber masks and bumpers do make these children’s tablets look bigger, and because of all of the colors and kid-friendly designs of these devices, you kids will definitely find them cool. Most of these devices have good resolution and decent performances, as kids are smart and can’t be fooled that easily. Kid’s tablets are a good solution to stop your children from touching your delicate and fragile devices, and to protect them from going online unmonitored or browsing through your important content.

They make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts, or even good rewards for nice behavior. Below we talk in detail about 5 really good tablets for children that are definitely better suited for your kids than your own tablets. VTech InnoTab 2 VTECH InnoTab 2 learning app tablet offers a lot for fun and learning experience for your child. The size of the screen is 5” and it enables multitouch. Some of the features include built-in digital photo/video camera that enables your child to take pictures and videos of itself and others.

The camera also fully rotates, which enables a 360 view. This tablet also has the tilt sensor which enables your child to enjoy landscape or vertical view of the books and applications. Integrated apps include photo viewer, video and music player, e-reader, art studio, video games and microphone.

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