Google New Nexus 7 Tablet Price Review Specs Battery Life

As compared to the previous model, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet is costlier by $30. However, at $229 for the basic model, it is nearly thirty percent less expensive than the iPad Mini which costs $329. The new Google Nexus 7 tablet comes with a camera at the back for taking pictures. The sound quality is more distinct and the display is clearer than the older model. It is also the first gadget to come with the latest Android 4.3 Operating System. This OS has the unique option of creating profiles so as to restrict data access on your tablet by other users, like children.

Even though the Kindle Fire HD from is priced at $199, which is a lot less expensive than the new Nexus, it does not offer users complete access to the ever increasing library of Android apps so as to track flights, play games, check the prevailing weather conditions, get coupons from your favorite joints, read the news, and lots more! All this and more is available in the new Google tablet. It is a known fact that the tablet market is dominated by the iPad Mini and the full-sized version, while the smartphone industry is predominantly android based.

If you own an android smartphone, then you will realize that the new Google Nexus 7 is a great complement to your phone. The apps used by you on your smartphone will automatically come to the Google tablet, unless you specify otherwise. This allows seamless switching between the devices. Additionally, when customers’ are signed in, all their favorite joints on Google Maps, as well as the browser bookmarks will transfer to the tablet.

In case you were thinking of buying the old Nexus model, then you think again, pay the additional $30 and go for the newer model. Features of the new Google Nexus 7 tablet When held horizontally, you will notice speakers located on either side of the tablet that produce a much richer sound. Technically, the speakers can be considered to be facing the back. However, they are located along a curved border which means that the sound does not project away from you, but outwards.

The dimensions of the newer model are the same. However at 323 PPI, the pixel density in the newer Google Nexus 7 is a lot higher than the 216 PPI available in the older model. Also, movie titles, credits, and graphics in movies such as ‘Avatar’ appear a lot better and a lot sharper. The older model came with only a front-facing camera that could be web para comprar ebook used for videoconferencing. The new Google Nexus 7 ships with a 5-megapixel back camera as well as a camera app.

You can now take videos and pictures of all the events and things that are in front of you. The new Google tablet is easy and light in the hands.

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