How to Get your Cat or Dog to Swallow Take Tablets and Pills

Most dog or cat owners at some time have had the challenge of getting their beloved pet to swallow a tablet, whether for worming purposes, antibiotics or regular medicine such as heart tablets. Now many of these tablets are described on the packaging as being “Palatable”, but clearly no-one thought to ask the pets what they thought was “palatable”, and from my experiences I can only assume it must be a human taster coming up with this description, or a very hungry pet.

Also, what I will say, is that trying to wrap the tablet in slices of ham, chicken etc is not overly successful, as it is far too easy for the pet to simply remove the tablet and eat the meat. The methods below will be far more reliable. Having seen numerous lacerations and nearly lost fingers on fellow pet owners who have tried in vain to get a tablet down their pet’s throat without ending up in Accident and Emergency themselves, I have decided to share my tips for success without the need for bandages and plasters afterwards.

These methods will hopefully reduce the stress levels for both you and your pets, and you should not end up needing to retrieve “Fluffy” from the top of the wardrobe, nor drag your reluctant pooch out from under the rose bush in the back garden at the sight of a packet of tablets appearing out of the kitchen drawer.The Easy Way The truly easy ways to get your pets to take tablets are if you can get the pet to eat the tablet themselves without your involvement.

The best way to achieve this is to put the tablet in something irresistably tasty to your pet, and in such a way that they cannot eat the good bits and leave the semi-chewed tablet in a gooey blob on the floor. Some of the best and most successful foods to hide the tablets in are as follows: 1) Marmite Bovril oferta ereader or Vegemite. Most cats love Marmite, and most dogs will at least love Bovril, and possibly Marmite too. First try a taste test on your pet with just the Marmite etc, and if they like it you can progress to the point where you grind up your worm tablet into a very small amount of the product and simply let them lick it up themselves.

In the event the tablet is a medicinal tablet such as a heart tablet, then it is best to leave it whole rather than breaking it up. 2) Cream Cheese, e.g. Philadelphia, is another popular favourite, and the same method as above applies. 3) Unsalted Butter, easy to hide a tablet in, comprar ebook reader and slips nicely down the pets throat, especially in the case of dogs who usually wolf it down without even chewing it to find the tablet inside.

Likewise you can grind the tablet up and mix it with the butter before offering it to your cat. If all else fails smear it around the cats face and she will wash it off complete with the tablet powder inside. 4) Cheddar Cheese,this can be used either solid by pushing the tablet into the middle of the lump of cheese, or if you have a particularly clever pet who will still find the tablet and leave it behind after consuming the cheese, try melting the cheese in your microwave for 10-15 seconds until it goes soft.

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