How To Make A Fire With Your Survival Knife

You need to know how to make a fire, even when matches or a lighter are not available to you. This skill can be a lifesaver, especially if you find yourself without matches or a lighter in a survival situation. What do you need? You will need a Survival Knife with a carbon steel blade. This is significant because a survival knife with a stainless steel blade might not produce the spark you’re looking for.

The spark comes from little pieces of metal coming off of the striker or Survival Knife in our case. That’s why we use the backside of the blade and not the cutting surface. Using the sharp surface will make your blade dull. That is also why a stainless steel blade might not work. The harder the steel, the smaller and hotter the pieces that fall off will be, making it less difficult to burn the tinder and get our flame going.

You will also need a strike rod. No, not the style they used to beat a red-headed stepchild in years past. A strike rod is usually made of magnesium or a blend of steel and magnesium. I propose you use a string to affix it to your survival knife if the handle of your knife has a hole that you can use, or fasten it to your survival knife’s sheath. At the very least a strike rod should be always available in your survival kit. You will also need wisely prepared tinder.

Use your Survival Knife to trim dry bark off of trees, if possible dead tree limbs. Dried grass or the cotton like material behind some tree barks like a cottonwood make excellent tinder. Model the tinder in to a bird’s nest, this can provide the glowing embers some defense from the wind. Try to keep the material as loose as possible. Don’t pack it together like a snowball. Loose material has more gaps where oxygen can fuel the flames.

How do you actually make a fire with your Survival Knife? Clean the ground of debris where you are going to build the fire. Clear an area wider than you need to. Safety is always essential. You want to use the fire for warmth and to cook food for survival. You don’t want to discover how the U.S. Forest Service trains their firefighters. Pre Build your pile of kindling, making a tee-pee structure. Leave yourself a space to place the burning tinder in to the middle of the tee-pee frame of kindle wood.

Strive to use the cover of your surroundings to reduce strong winds or rain from directly hitting the site where you plan to build your fire. This will make your job less difficult when conditions are less than perfect. Gather your tinder. You want loosely spaced, very fine thread-like shavings In conjunction with slightly thicker shavings.

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