Listen to Podcasts on Android Phones and Tablets

Have you ever had someone recommend an interesting podcast, only to leave you wondering how to get it on your Android phone or tablet? You might have thought that podcasts were only available through Apple’s iTunes market. You may have flicked through your phone’s preinstalled apps, for anything related to podcasts. Next, you went to the Play store and looked for iTunes. (Don’t bother; it’s not there.) In desperation, you typed podcast into the Play search .

. . and got over 1000 results. The number of Android podcast apps out there is daunting, but listening to podcasts has been so valuable to my personal and professional life that I hate to see anyone miss out on this wealth of information and entertainment just because they got stumped by which app to download, or how to configure it.Step 1: Get the App The top two podcast apps for Android seem to be Stitcher Radio, and BeyondPod.

I like BeyondPod. It’s easy to use, once you understand the basics, and it lets you automatically download content over WiFi which you can play later. (Stitcher streams the podcast content, so if you’re listening to podcasts away from WiFi, you’re using up your monthly data plan.) You can get BeyondPod from the Play store. Just search for “BeyondPod”. If you have a smartphone, the one you want is BeyondPod Podcast Manager. If you have a tablet, you’ll want BeyondPod for Tablets.

Both of these apps are free, but they’re essentially trial versions. You get full features for seven days, then you need to purchase and download the BeyondPod Unlock Key to use some of the best features. As of this writing, the Unlock Key is $6.99, which I think is a great price for such an essential app. Like I said, though, you get seven days to try out the app before you have to decide whether to purchase the Unlock Key.

My goal in the rest of this article is to make sure you get the most out of your trial period.Before We Begin: Terminology Once you’ve downloaded BeyondPod (the phone or tablet version), you need to set it up. (I’m going to use the phone version to demonstrate, but the tablet version operates under the same principles.) Let’s start with some terminology: In BeyondPod, the collection of podcast episodes from a single source is called a feed. A feed is like a radio program or a television show.

Episodes are exactly what you would think they are. An episode is an individual podcast. Most podcasts stick to a particular length, though that’s not required. Some (like 60-Second Science, for example) are about a minute long. Others (like the Survival Podcast) are a couple of hours long. Good podcasters like to release episodes on a regular schedule, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or some other frequency.

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