Read The Ugly Duckling Goes To Work On Amazon Kindle

We need work to farm our living. For some it is fulfilling dream, passion, worship, life etc. Very few are blessed with the work of their interests. Getting a good job is the first stage while the workplace second. Here, the struggle is to get adjusted in the new environment begins. The fight is to give the best and make the office a loving place. Working with various minds isn’t easy. It’s all about complexities, grudges, meanness etc. Through the book The Ugly Duckling Goes to Work, writer Mette Norgaard revived the childhood tales of Hans Christian Anderson.

The tales are interpreted skillfully and convincingly with the realities. The writer attempts to help individuals, be authentic and alive in their organisations/offices and create room for people’s energy. Mette Norgaard delves into siz classic tales of wisdom which connect mus being with the workplace as well as life outside. The tales show how to release life than control it. The writer picked up The Emperor’s New Clothes which has humor and silliness.

The tale suggestes to enjoy the fun in life but never be foolish. The Ugly Duckling stresses the need to accept that life isn’t a bed of roses. It is risky. We achieve maturity with the growing age and experience which is why life becomes richer, exciting and satisfying. Pride, arrogance and superiority complex are more than enough to spoil a classic performer. The Dung Beetle tells us not to have false perceptions of ourselves. Life is beyond that. The Nisse At The Gorcer’s is about insightful management.

One man approaches the practical and the ideal, he is able to create his own solutions. The more he integrates the two, the wiser he is. The Fir Tree is a tragic tale about failure to appreciate every worthy moment of life. The tree never takes pleasure in little joys or relish its might of glory. The parable highlights that it is always good to connect ourselves with something worthy and contribute to it as and when possible.

The Nightingale appears to be more closer to workplace culture. It has a message of binding people together and work as a healthy team in the interest of organisation. It sings the tunes of discovering strengths and talents. The book peeps into individuality and helps enlighten life at personal and professional level. This is one of those self-help book you should definitely have in your Amazon Kindle. You can buy it from Amazon or directly from Kindle. Or look it up in the internet, download ht and load it into your Amazon Kindle.

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