Ten Kindle Fire Games to Give Your Brain a Workout

It is true that, in these times of advanced technology, there really is “an app for that.” For pretty much everything from tracking your fertility cycle to managing your finances. One of the coolest things that comes with owning a mobile device is the games, and there may be one for pretty much everybody. Like my previous list of Ten of the Best Free Games for Your Kindle Fire, this is another list of ten games that will make you think.

These are no ordinary games, folks. They are either designed to help you train your brain to think differently or they’re made to show us how dumb we really are. For me, I strongly suspect the latter. These games run the gamut of word puzzles, board games, frustratingly challenging puzzles, trivia games and even some chickens! Warning – These games can cause the following side effects: Losing complete track of time Seeing the word puzzles on everything you read, like books and the shampoo bottle in your bathroom Inspiring you to say things like “Well, it’s only a dollar ninety-nine, what could it hurt?

” Wondering if they feed chickens to panda bears at the zoo Causing you to troll Amazon looking for “items like this” Having to explain to your spouse why all of those $1.99 charges are on your credit card bill Generally having just too much dang fun! In that vein, please let me know if you’ve found an interesting yet challenging game for the Kindle Fire. I’d love to play it!7 Little Words for Kindle Fire If you are a crossword puzzle fan, then 7 Little Words is something you might want to look into!

This is one of those games that seems like it should be easy but really isn’t. With 7 Little Words, you are given seven clues and a bunch of blocks of letters with which to make words that correspond to the clues. The easy part is that those little blocks could make up several different words that fit the clues. The hard part is deciding which words to make so that you’ll have enough of the correct blocks left over to complete the other clues.

This one isn’t really mind bending, but it is fun and does make you use your grey matter for something more than crashing on the sofa and watching SpongeBob SquarePants! The game itself is free but, once you run out of puzzles, you can buy more to keep feeding your addiction. I do not know how much more puzzles cost, as I haven’t yet run out of the original ones included with the game.Word Games Bundle Pack for Kindle Fire This bundle comes with six different word games that are both fun and challenging: Word Search: The word search included in this bundle is very simple, but comes up with the strangest words and sometimes makes me think that the game is spying on me!

I may spend an excessive amount of time listening to heavy metal music but, when my word search has me looking for “Pantera,” I have to wonder how it got the word! Hangman: This is a fun game that we all remember from our childhoods! It’s also simple. You have a limited amount of guesses to pick the correct letters to solve the puzzle.

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