Ten of the Best Free Games for Your Kindle Fire

Though most folks buy Kindles for their e-book capabilities, the Kindle Fire is a whole different animal. It’s a tablet that can connect to the internet and, as with any device of this type, there are about a million “apps” for it. I have the essentials: eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter… but there are a ton of games available for the Kindle Fire, too. Angry Birds is here, as is Jeopardy, Minecraft and Plants vs Zombies, but these are all paid games and some of us don’t have tons of extra bucks to spend on these.

So we head to the “free” bin! Fortunately Amazon has quite a few free games that are fun and entertaining. Free, however, is a somewhat subjective term – be aware that some of these games are ad supported (see the screenshot for WordSearch Unlimited Free) and some allow you to play for free, but you’ll need to shell out real money to get the coolest stuff for your game. I’ve gotten quite a few of them and what follows is my list of ten cool free Kindle Fire games.

To download these for your Kindle Fire, just go to Games, then Store and search for the titles. Once you find them, just follow the instructions on your Kindle Fire. Side note: It took me a while to get the hang of taking screenshots with my Kindle Fire HD. To do this, you’ll need to press the volume up and power buttons at the same time. It takes some work to get it right without getting the volume control in the image.Song Pop for Kindle Fire Song Pop, a game by Freshplanet, Inc.

, has been out for a while, but I missed the original boat because we had satellite internet where I lived and that made playing this game impossible. Thanks to DSL, now I have a chance to show off the depths of my musical knowledge. Or not. This game gives you a short clip of a song and you have to correctly guess either the title or the artist before your opponent does. I have two issues with this game: 1. comprar tablet barata y buena Sometimes the clips are not from the most recognizable part of the song and 2.

My brain might know the song, but my finger taps the wrong answer! Song Pop has tons of songs and, whenever you complete a challenge (win or lose) you get coins that allow you to purchase more playlists. You can bypass that all together and pony up cash for coins, but they go fast so be careful! I have my eyes on that disco playlist! Song Pop is available on pretty much every platform – iOS, Android, Google Play and even Facebook.

What’s even more awesome is that you can start a game on your Kindle Fire and finish it on Facebook or any of the other operating systems! Though Song Pop is free, the paid version allows players access to larger libraries and lets them have more challenges running at the same time. For $1.99, I think it’s worth it.Pou for Kindle Fire Pou, from PS Games, is a simple but fun game that kind of reminds me of the Tamagotchi.

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