To Kindle or not to Kindle That is the Question

*(Other reading tablets are available) I quite fancy having a Kindle. The convenience of something small and light to slip into my bag that can hold thousands of books sounds great to me, but will I miss holding an actual book? Each time I mention to friends and family that I want a Kindle I get shot down straight away ďdonít do it! Youíll really miss the feel of mejor tablet barata real PAPER!Ē I donít know why exactly I listen and allow myself to be talked out of it when none of them have even tried a Kindle and have no experience to base this advice on!

Are they scared that books will become obsolete and eventually just fuel for fires (physically not metaphorically) and all that will remain will be a virtual library which could be lost at the push of a button? To be honest it is these conversations that have stopped me from buying one, although I do keep adding it to my Amazon wish list and my birthday is coming up so maybe Iíll get lucky.But how much do I really want one?

I am completely addicted to my iPhone and would love to have an iPad. Hubby already has the iPad 2 and we canít really justify having two in one household when I already have my own PC laptop to write on and my iPhone for internet browsing and game playing, so what do I really need an iPad for? Itís pretty and does loads of stuff. I heart iPadís. I want one just becauseÖ. Nope even though I love them I canít justify having one and I even try and stay away from Hubbyís and let it be his alone, it was a birthday gift from me to him and not for us and if I were to get used to it I know it would “fall” into my handbag a lot.

So maybe a Kindle is a great idea for me, add to the fact that I am horrendously clumsy and it would hurt my pocket less if I were to ruin it or lose it. Letís face it, the average hard back puts some serious weight in your handbag. But can a tablet seriously replace the look, feel and smell of a good old book? Then thereís the cost consideration, a basic kindle now costs £89 in the UK and a book can set you back anywhere between £5 and £12.

99. I am an avid reader and even with the Waterstones 3 for 2 deals I can still spend a fortune every year on books. I have shelves full of books, most of which I will never read again, but I do try and lend them out to friends and family and a bundle of books have found new homes through a car boot sales. An eBookon Amazon can cost anything from a few pence (or some are free, mostly out of copyright classics) to £8 for a new release. I have a few favourite authors and like to buy their books as soon as they hit the shelves with little in the way of a discount and so the savings of a Kindle for someone like me are negligible.

Cost and Technical The basic Kindle is affordable, but I want more than the basic. If Iím going to buy a Kindle I might as well get something a little higher up the range.

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